European Releases Week Beginning: 30th August


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Kerbal Space Program Officially Announced For Wii U


Yesterday, Kerbal Space Program received a leak on Nintendo’s Youtube page. In it, we learned that the game was coming to Wii U. Well, during the Nindies@Night event at PAX Prime, we learned that Kerbal Space Program is indeed coming to Wii U.

What’s pretty cool about it is how the Gamepad will be implemented. The Gamepad will give you an inside view of the cockpit of the spaceship you built. Also there will be a new first-person Gamepad view and the game will support motion controls. To take it a step further, while there’s no release date set for it yet, it’ll be releasing at the same time on Wii U as it will on the other consoles.

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FAST Racing Neo Gets More Info, Release Target, And New Trailer

During the recent Nindies@Night event, Shin’en gave some more info on their upcoming futuristic racer, FAST Racing Neo. They confirmed that the game is 2-player and 4-player split-screen, will run at 60 FPS even in split-screen, will have 8-player online, will feature 16-tracks, and we’ll be getting it at the end of the year. They also gave a new trailer for the game. Check it out below.

Shovel Knight Getting Amiibo With Wii U Exclusive Features And Free DLC On All Platforms


Shovel Knight is digging its way back into the news! This time, in a more physical manner. As we all know, Shovel Knight is getting a retail release this October on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and 3DS. However, what we just learned during the Nindies@Night event that Shovel Knight is also getting an Amiibo. That’s right, Shovel Knight will be the first indie game character to receive an Amiibo and the Amiibo functions will be exclusive to Wii U.

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Devil’s Third Gets Release Date For North America


Nintendo’s PR today was loaded with some information. Along with the release date for Fatal Frame, we also learned a release date for another title that’s already out in Japan and will be out very soon in PAL territories. That game is Devil’s Third and we can now expect to the see the game December 11th in North America. Furthermore, unlike Fatal Frame, Devil’s Third will see both a digital and physical release.

Here’s 30 minutes of online gameplay for your viewing pleasure from NiNTENDOMiNATi0N:

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