Go Round – Friday the 13th

October 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Man… this is a bad game. I didn’t want to play it. At all. However, Will figured it would be a good thing to do for Halloween. I can’t argue with an idea that good. Well, an idea that “good” at least. Hmm, perhaps well-timed idea is a better way to describe it. It’s kind of all worth it to see Jason in that purple jumpsuit anyway. Friday the 13th for the NES coming at you. Happy Halloween.

Pyramids 2 Review

October 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Pyramids 2 Logo

One of the first games to launch on the eShop was a small puzzle game from Enjoy Gaming called Pyramids. It was a Solomon’s Key inspired block puzzle game where you played as an adventurer who was dropping in a room, with limited resources and had to escape. You could drop and destroy blocks, shoot snakes in the rooms with the ammo supplied and collect treasure to unlock harder and harder puzzles. Now three years later the developer is back again with a sequel cleverly titled Pyramids 2. The premise is the same, but the puzzles are harder.

What You Need to Know

Pyramids 2 is, as previously mentioned, a block puzzle game. Like before you star as an adventurer who is trying to solve the riddles of the rooms, collect treasure along the way and escape without dying. You can drop blocks on the same level as your character, or one level lower. You must avoid traps, like spikes that come from the floor or fireball shooting statues as well as snakes, monkeys and natives along the way. You earn stars for the speed you finish the level and whether or not you collect all of the treasure in a room. Those stars are used to unlock levels later in the game, with the last set of rooms requiring you to have earned every star in the game up to that point.

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Better Late – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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So I didn’t put it in the title of the post but let’s call this episode one. Episode one of what you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. Everybody seems to think I am a bad person for never beating a Zelda game. Joe, being the gentleman he is, decided to be my champion and forced me to play A Link to the Past. We recorded it so all can watch me save another princess from another castle. Will there ever be an episode two? Maybe…

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 236

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podcast logo 2-2-14As we continue our musical chairs that once was a stable cast, we record the show without a Tony this week. You know what that means… It’s hard, I know, but we’ll get through this together. Together we shall hear how Micah gets familiar with the new PlayStationTV and how Shannon is announcing his crimes before they happen like he’s The Riddler or something. Ethan takes his rage out on innocent trees and Shelby scratches a deep Phantasy Star itch. We cover the latest Nintendo Direct and read your questions. It’s good to be king.

Starring – Shannon, Micah, Ethan, Shelby
Run time – 1:33:20

There are a number of ways to send your feedback to the show. You could join our Facebook group and submit a question there. You could follow us on Twitter and tweet some things to us. Or you could send an email to podcast@nintendo-okie.com. You could watch our YouTube videos and throw a question into the comments thing but I doubt we would see that. You should just watch the videos and comment on them videos normally.

Go Round – WinBack

October 22, 2014 Leave a comment

This week the Go Rounders try their hand at espionage. As you can imagine it doesn’t go well. The problem with being a spy is that you have to be quiet, and you have to know what you’re doing, and you have to be able to execute basic tasks… these are all things that never happen on Go Rounds.

Angry Birds Transformers Is More Fun Than I Want to Admit

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abt Logo

Angry Birds is one of those franchises that has a pretty polarizing effect on people. Early on I was one of those people that couldn’t really understand the fad and why there was so much attention on a game that was mediocre at best. The touchy game play and unpredictable physics left me scratching my head. I just didn’t get it. I pretty much ignored the franchise in the early days and said the fad would pass. It didn’t. It’s never really gone away. There are still people to this day that get excited for the announcement of new Angry Birds stuff and the games continue to come out on a pretty consistent basis.

When Angry Birds Trilogy released on DS we were sent a review copy and I gave the franchise another go just to see if it would click with me. It did this time. I think it was the more precise control scheme offered on the 3DS using the stylus that finally won me over. I could see what I was doing without my hands in the way. I was able to get birds to launch where I wanted them to go more often. It finally made me realize the franchise could be fun. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but I understood why people enjoyed the game. Since then I’ve sort of kept an eye on it and downloaded a few games here and there to try out. It’s been the releases of Angry Birds Star Wars that kept me playing through every level and now there is another licensed tie in that’s got me hooked; Angry Birds Transformers.

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 235

October 20, 2014 1 comment

podcast logo 2-2-14We just can’t keep Ethan away as he sits in for the absent Micah. What do you have to look forward to on this episode? Ethan gets tired of cleaning up after his digital pet while Shannon learns new Project Diva secrets. Tony changes birds into robots and Shelby tries to fill the wholes in his heart. Get ready for a soda-spraying, PSO-missing, statistics-hating episode of the Nintendo Okie Podcast. Nintendos disguised as okies disguised as podcasts.

Starring – Tony, Shannon, Ethan, Shelby
Run time – 1:40:04

I know what you’re thinking. “I wish I could send an email to my favorite podcast.” Well I can’t help you as I have no idea what podcast is your favorite. However, you can send an email to us; podcast@nintendo-okie.com. Since you have already lowered your standards, you should join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter. Then go subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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