Xbox Games With Gold Going Backwards Compatible

Games With GoldThe Microsoft Games With Gold service gives Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners free games every month. As of now each system gets two games every month for free that are yours to keep and play forever, even if you no longer have a subscription with the service. That’s all about the change for Xbox One owners.

Microsoft announced today that going forward all future Games With Gold will be backwards compatible. That means Xbox One owners will get twice as many games each month and will be able to play the Xbox 360 titles. These titles are available to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership. The new functionality will being in November and won’t consist of only first party Microsoft titles, but also some high profile third party publisher offerings as well. The current list of third party publishers is:

  • Bandai Namco
  • Bethesda
  • Deep Silver
  • Disney
  • Majesco
  • Electronic Arts
  • Sega
  • Square Enix
  • 2K
  • Capcom
  • Ubisoft
  • Koei Tecmo
  • Codemasters
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

This actually helps make the GwG offerings a little better than the Playstation Plus titles since PS3 games cannot be played on PS4. Are you excited to see this new added bonus to your Xbox Live Gold subscription?

Xbox One Getting Free TV-DVR Next Year

Xbox TVIf you have an Xbox One and you’re just using over the air TV you will get the ability to have a fully functioning DVR next year. Xbox Director of Program Management Mike Ybarra announced during Gamescom today that the company will be offering the service for all existing users.

The functionality will work and allow you to record free-to-air TV and you will even be able to schedule recordings or take it on the go. The best part is that it will not require a subscription of its own. It’s not clear, as of yet, if this will work with existing cable or satellite subscriptions.

Windows 10 will allow users to stream any of the content recorded to the Xbox One to any Window 10 based device, including PC and phones. If you will be somewhere without internet access you can download anything you’ve recorded to your device before you leave and take it with you.

What do you think Xbox One owners? Is this functionality you’ll take advantage of?

European Releases Week Beginning 02/08/2015







StarFoxCommand_1280Another week of slim pickings unfortunately. There a few things to be excited about though. Starfox for the DS is a welcome addition to the Virtual Console, Beatbuddy also seems like an interesting rhythm based action adventure to. Over on the 3DS there’r even less with no releases this week. There is a demo for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden though which will be worth a go for fans of the series and fighting game enthusiasts alike.  Continue reading European Releases Week Beginning 02/08/2015

Red Ash Kickstarter Falls Far Short of Goal

red_ashKeiji Inafune launched on successful Kickstarter last year with the Mighty No. 9 project. Considering how much fans have wanted new Mega Man style games it was almost a slam dunk that game would be funded and development would go through, and it was. The game still has not come out and there are reports of it possibly being delayed into next year.

Not wanting to keep fans waiting he launched another crowd funding project this time for a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends. It was called Red Ash and there were actually two separate campaigns running at the same time for the new franchise, one to fund the game and the other to fund an anime short featuring those same characters. You would think with a name like Inafune behind it, and the fans desperately wanting more Mega Man Legends and Capcom pulled the plug on the most recent game in that series, that it would be a no brainer that this would also get funded. Turns out that wasn’t the case at all.

Many fans were upset that he and Comcept were already coming back asking for more money before Mighty No. 9 was released. There was some backlash to asking for more money to fund another game when the first project hadn’t been finished. Then, last week, it was announced that Red Ash had gotten a publisher. Chinese publishing company FUZE Entertainment and Comcept announced that FUZE would be fully funding development of the game. The Kickstarter project was then switched to being funding for stretch goals as the initial development funding was no longer needed. Fans immediately began to say that maybe Inafune wasn’t as assured a development name as he once was.

Red Ash’s anime project reached it’s funding goal, but the project for the game fell considerably short of its $800,000 goal. The campaign has officially ended and the project barely reached past $500,000 finishing at $519,999, almost $300,000 short of its goal. Have no fear, though, the game is getting funded and the project will go ahead thanks to FUZE.

Typoman Gets a Release Date

Typoman PlatformOne of the Nindies that Nintendo was highlighting over E3 has a release date and it’s one you should keep an eye on. Typoman, from developer Brainseed Factory, will be heading to the Wii U eShop in North America and Europe on September 16th.

The game is a puzzle platformer where you use words in the environment to create new words to solve the different puzzles. I wrote up a preview of the game during E3 and this game immediately made it onto my ‘keep an eye on this game’ list.

Nintendo Website Adds QR Codes For Mii’s Used In Mii Outfits

SmashBrosMiiOutfitMii'sLately, a lot of the outfits to come out for Smash Bros. have been based around game characters. With that, some people may want to make a Mii version of the different characters. Well, Nintendo has you covered. They’re now offering QR codes for the different Mii’s used to wear the outfits. Head on over there and get your Mii’s!

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