This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

January 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Metroid Prime TrilogyNintendo was a little late getting this to us this week, but here you go. Everything you can expect to download through the eShop on the 3DS and Wii U. It includes Metroid Prime Trilogy, which I’ll be picking up, a demo for Codename S.T.E.A.M. and Gunman Clive 2. Head past the break to see everything that’s available for download

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New LEGO Games Announced For 2015

January 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Lego Jurassic WorldI’ve played just about every LEGO game that’s been released in recent years. I like them, a lot. From LEGO Harry Potter to LEGO The Hobbit and LEGO Marvel Superheroes they’re all a lot of fun, especially if you’ve got someone to play them with. Warner Bros. has just announced their new slate of LEGO games that are set to come out this year. Five new games are expected this year, three of them headed to Nintendo platforms. One of them has dinosaurs. Another has Captain America. I’ll let you figure out what those might be. If you just want me to tell you then head past the break for the full lineup.

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Citizens of Earth Review (3DS)

CoE LogoGood morning Mister Vice President, how did you sleep? What’s that, you had a nightmare about a cyborg barista…? You say he really tried to grind you into a double-shot espresso?!  No… I don’t think you’re crazy, I just think you need to lay off the Special Blend for a few days.

What You Need to Know

Citizens of Earth is an JRPG in the same vein of classics like Earthbound and Pokémon where you will traverse many environments recruiting and leveling party members as you fight your way through the story. You start the game as the newly elected Vice President of Earth waking up in your mom’s house the morning after the election. After walking out the front door, it is made apparent that something is wrong as your yard is flooded with violent protesters who start attacking. As the V.P. of Earth, it would be damaging to your political appearance to physically assault the citizens (no matter how justified it may be in self-defense) so your only solution is to recruit you mother and brother to do your dirty work as you sit back and delegate actions ‘Pokémon style’. After your first few minutes in the game, it is made clear that there’s more than just angry protesters on the loose and as the new V.P., it’s your duty to put an end to it. Read more…

Wii U Sales Up Slightly

January 28, 2015 Leave a comment

Wii U Monster HunterNintendo recently announced that worldwide sales of their home console, the Wii U, are at 9.2 million overall. In the last three months of 2014 the company managed to ship 3 million units, which is slightly over the 2.4 million sold in the same period of 2013. They’re not great numbers, especially compared to its predecessor the Wii which at the same time in its life was at 44 million units sold. That was a phenomenon I don’t think we’ll ever see duplicated.

What is strange is just how much of a red-headed stepchild the Wii U is among the bigger development community. Many companies site the number of units sold as a big reason that they don’t develop for the system. They don’t see it as a good investment. They continue to develop for the PS4, which is dominating the market currently with over 18 million units sold, and the Xbox One. When you compare sales figures of the Wii U and Microsoft’s system, however, they’re not really that far apart. As of December Microsoft has shipped 10 million units. They haven’t talked about how many of those have sold, but if they’re shipped 10 million they haven’t sold that many. That would indicate it’s sales numbers are not that far ahead of the Wii U, yet it continues to get far more support.

I know the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the other two platforms and the Game Pad makes it “hard” to make games for. What I don’t get is how the development community, especially the big three, can’t seem to get games to sell on the system, yet indie developers continue to pump out games that appear on the eShop on a regular basis.

Regardless, Wii U sales continue to rise, even if only slightly. That’s a good sign and there are a number of interesting games coming to the platform this year including Splatoon and a new Zelda game. 2015 could be a very good year for the system.

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Go Round – Mission: Impossible

January 28, 2015 Leave a comment

Sometime not reading any instructions gets us in trouble. All the time really. But not for Mission: Impossible on the N64. Nope, we know what’s going on the whole time. We just decide to wander around for the fun of it. It also helps that Peter is the one playing, so we totally don’t yell at him the whole time either.

Hyrule Warriors Tops One Thousand Thousand Sales

January 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Hyrule WarriorsThat’s not confusing at all right? Hyrule Warriors, KoeiTecmo and Nintendo’s mash-up of the Warriors franchise and the Legend of Zelda has done well for itself. The game, which early on many people wrote off as a cash-in that wouldn’t be good, has ended up becoming pretty popular. The developer today confirmed that it has topped the one million sales mark worldwide since it launched last fall. It joins a number of other games, like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. and New Super Mario Bros U. on the system to hit that mark.

If you haven’t played Hyrule Warriors yet, do so. It’s a lot of fun and there’s plenty of content, thanks to the number of DLC packages already available, with more coming, to keep you busy for a very long time.

Antipole DX Coming to 3DS and Wii U

January 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Antipole DX LogoEd Di Geronimo of Saturnine Games has been on the show before. One of my favorite games on the DSiWare service was his release of Antipole. The game is a run and gun style platformer similar to things like Contra or Rush ‘n’ Attack. The hook with that game, though, that makes it stand out is the ability to reverse gravity in the world, which affects not only the player, but everything in the environment.

Antipole DX 2In an interview recently with 4 Color Rebellion he talked about a new release of the game that he’s been working on. Antipole DX is coming to Wii U and 3DS sometime this Summer. This remake of the game updates the visuals and sound from the original release to fit better with the vision he had of the game. The new higher resolution pictures show off just how nice the game is going to look, and it’s a nice upgrade overall. He said that the original release had to sacrifice in areas such as the sound design to fit in with the specifications of the DSiWare service. All the levels in the game have been reworked from scratch and some of the boss fights have been reworked.

Releasing the game on 3DS and Wii U means that any restrictions previously in place are no longer there and he said that new levels are going to be added to this game on release making it a little longer than the original game was. In addition to that new enemies that affect gravity may be added for a bit of an additional challenge.

He hopes to release Antipole DX simultaneously on Wii U and 3DS. Both games are planned to be identical so pick your platform and enjoy. We’ll most likely have a talk with Ed at some point about the game so be on the lookout here for more information as we get closer to the game’s launch.

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