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Extra Life 2015 is Tomorrow

extralife2012_300x250Extra Life is a big deal. It’s one day every year that people who love video games get together for a good cause, helping children.  This year is no different.  We’ll be participating in the event and we’ll be streaming out our entire 24 hour play session over the internet for you to enjoy and participate in.

What will we do?  Who knows.  You’ll have to tune in and find out.  We’ll be doing what we can to get you involved as well.  Check back here and on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to find out what we’re playing and when we’re playing it.  We’ll keep you up to date all day long, throughout the entire event.

Our goal this year is to raise $250 for the Children’s Miracle Network.  All of the money we raise goes to support the Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis here in Tulsa, OK.  You can support us and help the kids at the same time by following this link and donating to us.  If you’d rather donate to someone a little closer to you then you can click here and choose where you want your donation to go.  You can choose the hospital by states, find the one you want to donate to and help out.  It doesn’t matter who you donate to, only that you donate.  We’d really love the support, though.

Just make sure to check back here and our various social media networks to see us play and how you can participate.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 288

What happens when things get out of control?  Well, there’s a lot of Metal Gear Solid talk throughout the show.  That’s what.  Join Shelby and Ethan as they talk MGS and Tony just sort of comes along for the ride.  Then listen to Tony talk about Assassin’s Creed while Shelby regrets that decision.  All in all, another good episode of the Nintendo Okie Podcast to start your week off right.

Episode 288
Hosts: Tony, Shelby, Ethan
Run Time:

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Nintendo Adding New Content To Super Mario Maker

Mario Maker FlagSuper Mario Maker has been a pretty solid hit for Nintendo. Today the company has announced that more than 3.3 million levels have been created for the game and uploaded to the internet across the globe. Nintendo is also announcing that they’re making the game better.

There were some things that were missing from the original release of the game to help make it feel more like a true Mario experience. One was the ability to add mid-level checkpoints for those really long levels. The other was that power-ups didn’t feel quite right because you couldn’t make them change depending on how Mario was at the time. Both of those things are changing.

Nintendo will be pushing out a free update on November 4th that will add those things. Mid-level checkpoints will now be able to be added courtesy of the flag that was introduced in New Super Mario Bros. That will help make those really long levels more manageable.

Power-ups will be able to be modified based on Mario’s status. By adding the power-up you want (ie Fire Flower, Propeller Suit) and a Super Mushroom to a block the power-up will correspond to Mario’s current status. For example, if he is small you’ll get the Super Mushroom. If he’s bigger you would get the Fire Flower or whatever other item was in the block.

Also new are Event Courses that will be added from time to time. These courses are special ones that are created from partners outside of Nintendo. One of the first to be added is a level called “Ship Love” that won the “hackathon” that was held at the Facebook headquarters earlier this year. In addition to that a new section called the Official Makers section will be added to the Course World after the update that will feature specially selected courses.

Super Mario Maker Drives Solid Wii U Sales

Super Mario MakerIt appears that if you want to guarantee Wii U sales then the best thing to do is release a Mario game, especially one where the community gets to create their own levels for said franchise.

Nintendo announced today that Wii U sales are up 110% in September over the figures that were achieved in August.  In the first three weeks of its release the game sold nearly 445,000 units.  Those numbers rise to over 500,000 units in the US when you factor in the first full month of availability.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 285

What’s going on in the world of Nintendo Okie this week?  Well, toys to life mostly.  We devote a pretty large chunk of time to that courtesy of Micah and Tony.  Shannon keeps on digging and Ethan still has not fulfilled his destiny.  Also, we learn about heavy machinery.

Episode 285
Hosts: Tony, Micah, Shannon, Ethan
Run Time: 1:26:24

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Nintendo Download – Week of September 10th, 2015

Super Mario MakerThis week sees the release of many people’s childhood dream, the ability to create your own Mario levels, with the release of Super Mario Maker.  Virtual idol Miku Hatsune  gets a release on 3DS.  Tecmo Bowl hits the Virtual Console on Wii U.  Outside of that we have the usual run of sales, a new 3DS theme centered around Mario and the Famicom, and more.  Head past the break for all the details and everything that is available for purchase starting this week.

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 280

It’s Monday and that means it’s podcast time once again.  Micah can’t contain his excitement this week about Yakuza.  Shelby has some glitchy guac, Ethan runs out of like and Tony hits the gridiron.  What else could possibly happen?

Episode 280
Hosts: Tony, Shelby, Micah, Ethan
Run Time: 1:50:43

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