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Red Ash Is Getting Developed!


Red Ash, the other game Inafune has been trying to get funded on Kickstarter, is officially getting developed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This news comes as a surprise as Comcept has yet to reach the minimum goal they’re asking for on Kickstarter. As of this writing the current donation is sitting at $486,495.00 of the required $800,000.00 goal and still have 4 days to go. Thanks to FUZE Entertainment the development for Red Ash will begin and Comcept has shifted the focus of the Kickstarter from funding the game to more content. Of course this news follows the news from yesterday where Comcept released a playable mockup of what they’re planning for Red Ash using a lot of the characters from Mighty Number 9. I have seen and heard many people refusing to back Red Ash as Mighty Number 9 has yet to release so I’m actually excited to see this project get the green light for development.

Lost Dimension Review

The world has come under attack by a single person known simply as The End, no I’m not talking about that one boss character from Metal Gear Solid 3, that resulted in over two billion casualties. After the attack a message was received from The End saying he will destroy the world in 13 days unless he is stopped. Normal attempts to attack The End in his tower were unsuccessful and thus the United Nations decided to send in a special team, known as S.E.A.L.E.D.,  to stop The End. S.E.A.L.E.D. is a special team of individuals gifted with unique powers and the remaining eleven members are suffering from a minor case of amnesia thanks to The End. Along with the surprise of amnesia, The End has also planted multiple traitors in the party that you will have uncover along the way.

2015-06-27-222312Out of the eleven characters you will control the leader known as Sho Kasugai, who is more affected by the amnesia then the rest of the team. Each person on the team has abilities unique only to them as well as special abilities when borrowing the power of another person. One of my favorite character’s has the ability to levitate allowing her to traverse more of the terrain in a shorter amount of time and allow her to skip over most obstacles in the way. Other characters have abilities such as teleportation, pyrokinesis, copy, and so forth meaning you can mix party members to fit your style for the situation you are facing at the time.

2015-06-28-194256The combat part of the game is a standard tactical role playing game style. You move your current character who will have a set amount of space he or she can move in order to get closer to or the flank an enemy then you decide what action to take then move to the next character. You will have multiple actions to choose from including Attack, Gift, Defer, Item, and Wait. Of course Attack means to do a basic attack but Gift allows you to use the special abilities of the character you are in control of at the time. Defer is a very useful option to have as it allows you to end your turn and let someone of your choosing take an extra turn, even if they already had a turn, and the person deferring is giving a portion of their power to the person you choose allowing for special gifts to be used as long as that person receiving the power has an ability that uses their power and the deferer’s power together. You will have an HP bar for health like most games use, a GP bar that is used for your Gift abilities, and a SAN bar that is kind of like your sanity meter that will drain more or less depending what you do but will recover with the Wait option. If SAN drops to 0% your character will enter a berserk mode where they become overly powerful but uncontrollable and will target friends and enemies alike. After each mission Sho’s gift will activate where he is able to hear the inner voices of the other five members that went into battle with him.

2015-07-01-204247When you are not in combat you will have access to a lobby where you can do several things such as buying and selling items and equipment as well as changing weapons and armor. There is an option to talk to S.E.A.L.E.D. team members to learn more about them. After most missions you can talk to your teammates and the first two members you speak to will gain more trust towards you. I found it easier to think of that part of the game as visual novel as you eventually are asked to answer questions that could impact your relationship with the teammate you are speaking to at the time. Near the end of chapter one a new option called Judgement appears where you must decide who the first traitor is among the group. Judgement will appear at the end of each chapter meaning there are multiple traitors throughout the game. The traitor in each chapter will be random and you will have to determine who you suspect the traitor is and then use Sho’s special ability Deep Vision to look into the mind of the suspect to see if they truly are guilty. Deep Vision can only be used a limited number of times per chapter and there is auto save that occurs before each use. You could send your save to the cloud or a USB device but that would be cheating and ruin the fun of possibly picking the wrong person. First time through the game the first traitor is predetermined but New Game Plus will have a different person. After you determine who the traitor is you will need to persuade the rest of the team by letting them know who you believe the traitor is by doing more missions and talking to them afterwards. Once a person has been judged as a traitor they will be erased and leave behind a special item that allows other people to use their abilities so you are never without what may be needed for your survival. If you do judge a person wrongly you will not find out until the end of the game and that could end up ruining your playthrough.

2015-06-27-182730Like most RPG games you will have to grind levels in order to survive later parts but that is fairly simple to do and you can easily get five to ten levels in an hour or so depending how quick you are with what remaining team members you will have left in the later parts of the game. I managed to finish the game around level 45 and that may have been a bit under leveled but I never felt like I was going to lose until I had a character go into Berserk mode but luckily he was focused on The End. Lost Dimension is on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita and is also Playstation TV compatible but is not cross buy or cross save. I played through the whole game on the Vita and noticed a few frame rate issues and since I had access to the PS3 version I decided to see if the same issues occurred there as well. The most noticeable issue involves the cursor in the lobby area. The cursor in the Vita version seems to react slowly when you try to move it around and seems to have a weird after image trailing behind it but in the PS3 version it was a smoother movement yet slightly sluggish, this is minor issue since it is easier to use the d-pad to select the icons you want anyway. One character has a teleportation ability that turns him into a void of particle effects that the Vita was just not able to handle smoothly but if this isn’t a character you use a lot or have already judged as a traitor then this isn’t a huge issue.

2015-06-28-155408My starting party consisted of a healer, pyro user, levitator, buffer, and heavy hitter. As I played through the game and ended up losing preferred members causing me to change tactics to adapt to the point I was using only two original members by the final segment. I did have some fun with game but felt there was a lack of content as the game can be beaten in 30 hours with a total of five chapters and there are not a lot of missions in each chapter. The Judgement segments could be better as all you have to do is tell all members of S.E.A.L.E.D. before hand who you believe the traitor is and they will blindly follow your decision with no supporting evidence. I would really like to see Lost Dimension follow in the tracks of Danganronpa and go a bit darker on the story and more in depth when it comes to determining who is a traitor. I believe Lost Dimension is a decent experience that needed a bit more content.


Data Drain – Episode 8 (The Legend Of Zelda)

Data Drain

In this week’s episode, our intrepid heroes, Ethan and Jason seek to uncover the deepest, darkest secrets of the Triforce.  During their journey, Stewart became a victim of the lost woods, but our heroes encountered an unlikely ally in the form of a Gamesmen named Gary.  How will the rest of their journey unfold?  Find out in this week’s episode of Data Drain!

Data Drain Episode 8
Starring: Jason, Gary, Ethan
Run Time: 01:14:11

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Data Drain – Episode 7 (Assassin’s Creed)

Data DrainHere we are at episode seven and finally talking about some creed’s that are assassin in nature. This time we have Branden returning as a guest along with Tony from some podcast you may have heard of before. Spoiler Alert: there was no mention of Nicolas Cage in this episode.

Data Drain Episode 7Starring: Ethan, Branden, Tony
Run Time: 01:11:07

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 266.5

podcast logo 2-2-14We have a special podcast for everyone today. I can’t really say much about it without causing some sort of spoiler but it involves answering a question that was forgotten from the listener feedback in the most recent episode. Also it involves Shelby and Pringles. Do with that knowledge what you will.

Episode 266.5
Starring – Tony, Joe, Ethan
Run Time – 00:15:21

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Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 266

podcast logo 2-2-14Another week goes by while two members are still in Japan or Sweden while Shannon is in outer space I guess. This week’s crew has Joe discussing Metroid while Tony does the Pokemon Shuffle dance and Ethan is left seeing Shapes of Gray. There is probably a fourth member on this episode but you will have to listen to find out if that is true. Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 266

Shapes Of Gray Review


Shapes of Gray by Secret Tunnel Entertainment is, as the name implies, about various shapes that are different shades of gray but not as many as you are probably thinking. The one shape you will control is a small octagon like blob that can swing a sword. You will battle other shapes that start out as small and simple but as you progress you will encounter a mix of larger or faster shapes. Each level will take place inside of a small circular arena and will only last about ten seconds meaning you will have to act fast or suffer a game over. Continue reading Shapes Of Gray Review