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Nihilumbra Review (Vita)

January 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Nihilumbra Review

I have played a lot of platforming games over the years and most of them have been happy stories involving saving princesses or a magical land of some type. When I heard there was a platformer that was about saving yourself from a void of darkness I couldn’t say no to that. What I expected and what I experienced were two different things and I was not disappointed when I started playing Nihilumbra.

What You Need To Know

2015-01-23-181728Nihilumbra is puzzle platformer that tells the story about Born, a piece of the void that broke free. Born’s story is a struggle to remain free while avoiding the dark fate of the void. The main goal for Born is to escape from the void and avoid monsters it places in the way. Born isn’t capable of much from the start other than moving left, right, and jumping. Born will explore several unique environments and each environment will have a power to obtain that is related to that environment. The powers Born will find come in the form of colors that are used to paint the environment and changing the properties of the painted area. Read more…

Sorry But Your Amiibo Is In Another Castle

January 12, 2015 Leave a comment


In a crazy attempt to prevent fans from being able to obtain Rosalina Amiibo figures one man has bought over 100 of them.

Let that sink in for a second.


The guy that bought these figures did not buy them because he is an avid fan of Rosalina but because he does not like her and wishes to negatively impact Rosalina fans. He has stated he is a collector of vintage Nintendo items and that he is disgusted by Nintendo adding Rosalina to every Mario game they can. The guy also plans to spend an additional $35,000 on Lucina, Robin, Palutena, and Zero Suit Samus.

I have no idea what this guy plans to do with all these unloved Amiibo figures. He could resell them and make a decent profit, which is very likely to happen, he could just store them all in vault hidden away from the eyes of man for all of eternity, or maybe just bury them in a landfill in New Mexico. One thing I do know is this person has too much money to waste on his hate when he could do something useful like donation to charities.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 246

January 5, 2015 Leave a comment

podcast logo 2-2-14Our first podcast of 2015 and half the crew travels to Texas to visit a Japanese arcade while the other remains lazy at their homes. I’m sure we played some games and then decided to discuss the finer points of Sonic the Hedgehog’s arm color. I’m not kidding, we really talked about his arm color and how angry a fan became over it.

Starring – Tony, Joe, Ethan, Shelby, Micah, Lucas
Run Time – 1:38:20

If you want to send us an email about this episode or to ask us a question you can always send it to If you would rather socialize with us then I would recommend Facebook and you can interact with other fans of the show as well. We have this Twitter thing because it is what the cool kids are doing these days. We also have a YouTube where you can watch us attempt play games.

2014 Year in Review: Ethan’s Awesome Games of the Year

December 26, 2014 Leave a comment

I had a hard time trying to pick my top ten. I felt like I didn’t play a lot of things this year while at the same time knowing I played a lot of games. Lucky for me I looked at my physical and digital shelves of games and worked out this pretty awesome list of games of 2014.

10. Grand Theft Auto V (PS3/PS4)gta-v-big

I love the idea of a game that is an open world with a setting that is easily mistaken for a location in the world we live in. I have finished GTA V a couple of times and I still have a ton of things to see in the world RockStar created. There is so much in this game that is easily missed such as Bigfoot or UFOs. Toss in some online multiplayer with the promise of heist missions that are similar to the single player game and you have something really special that keeps fans easily entertained. Read more…

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Review (3DS)

January 8, 2014 Leave a comment

Phoenix Wright DD Top

Have you ever felt the need to stand and defend the innocent in a court of law? Have you ever pointed at someone dramatically and yelled “Objection!”? Do you have a friend who is a spirit medium with a love of burgers and anime? I’m pretty sure no one can say yes to all of that, but I am sure you can experience it all by playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies.

What You Need To Know

The Ace Attorney series got its start on the Game Boy Advanced back in 2001 and would not see US localization until 2005 on the Nintendo DS. Since the release of the first game there have been four sequels adding more characters and unique game play elements. There have also been a couple of spin off games starring the rival of the protagonist of the original game series. The series is best thought of as an interactive novel as it is heavy on text. The series stars Phoenix Wright who is a former defense attorney and his two protégées Apollo and Athena. You will make choices that help them through each case and hopefully get a not guilty verdict for each client.

Phoenix Wright DD 1Art has Improved

The first three games in the Ace Attorney series were originally developed for the GBA which were limited with simple character animations. Dual Destinies is the first of the series to be developed for the 3DS and to include animated cut scenes with spoken dialogue. The characters themselves have been upgraded to look great in 3D and have some great animation the flows nicely from one expression to the next. Unlike the older games where a character would be frozen in place and blink on occasion they now have some idle movement like looking around and leaning back and forth while you are deciding what you will do next. There is the addition of anime quality cut scenes with spoken dialogue for the first time in the series. The anime cut scenes are a huge improvement over what was used in the previous games and will only improve in future games of the series.

Phoenix Wright DD 3Game Play

If you have played any of the Ace Attorney games before then you know exactly what to expect when you play Dual Destinies. You will spend your time in the courtroom presenting evidence and picking apart testimonies. When you are not in the courtroom you will gather evidence, examine crime scenes, and obtain information for the next day in court. The way each game played was simple and easy to understand but left room for improvement in a couple of areas. Since the Ace Attorney series is heavy in text, it is really easy to get distracted and skip a sentence or to come back after some time and not understand the current situation. Dual Destinies is the first in the series to have a text log to help prevent trouble with skipped text or if you forgot what you were doing. Another additional feature that takes advantage of the 3DS hardware is 3D crime scenes. When examining a crime scene you will get the opportunity to rotate around scene to get different viewing angles that could help reveal new evidence. Unfortunately crime scenes are now the only places you can use examine in this game which means less banter between Phoenix and his associates when looking at random objects.

Phoenix Wright DD 2New Characters

One of the best things about the Ace Attorney series is the characters you will meet during each case. The series has always had colorful character but this game offers some of the best characters the series has seen to date including a few returning favorites. Each case will introduce several new and unique people who are probably going to show up on the witness stand at some point. Every time a new person appears you will experience a memorable scene whether it is a witness or just some random occurrence outside the courtroom. There is also a new female protagonist introduced in this game named Athena Cykes. Athena is hired by Phoenix right after she earned her attorneys badge and uses analytical psychology to discover the truth from witnesses. My personal favorite character from Dual Destinies likes to hide in a cardboard box and can be found next to a crime scene eavesdropping during your investigation.

Phoenix Wright 4 Conclusion

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies brought improvements to graphics and animation that the series needed. The game play was left mostly unchanged with the addition of text logs and 3D crime scenes. There is also a lot of new characters to interact with and a few returning favorites of the series. The only thing that really hurts the series is people new to the series will have a lack of knowledge about the back story of the main characters. I can say this is the game fans have been waiting for and shouldn’t miss out on while encouraging new audiences to look into playing the older games.

Final Score: Four Stars

Review copy provided by Capcom

Completed the whole game

Total Play Time: 25-40 hours


2013 Year in Review: Ethan’s Top 10 Games of the Year

December 26, 2013 Leave a comment

2013 Year in Review

I did a lot of stuff this year. I finished a Final Fantasy game without cheating, played some D&D, I even got a PS4 but none of that is on my list of top ten. I probably took longer to consider what my top ten were than I should have, but I did make the list. I also lost my list at one point; it was a sad moment as I only recalled what my top three were in a panic. Lucky for me I shared the list with a friend and he sent it to me. The point is the Notes app on my phone refused to save new information.

ZombiU Logo

10. ZombiU (Wii U)

I’m not sure why I played this because I don’t handle survival horror type things that well. I would probably still have never played ZombiU if it hadn’t been for a couple of people wanting to do a spoiler filled podcast on it. ZombiU took a unique approach at the survival horror style when the player would die to zombies, you would wake up back at the starting base as a new character with the basic items and if you want to retrieve the items you previously had then you must hunt down the previous survivor who has become a zombie. I found the best way to play the game was to stay stealthy and cautious but that won’t work for every situation. I ended up dying once the entire game and it wasn’t even to a zombie but by an explosion from an NPC who caused an explosion. Was I mad? YES! Did I finish the game with my second character? Yeah I did! Would I play it again? Maybe. Read more…

We asked for a Mega Man game

December 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Thanks to the efforts of Jasco Games using kickstarter the world will see a new Mega Man game in the future. That’s right the Blue Bomber lives on in the form of a board game where you and your friends will play as Mega Man and Dr. Wily’s forces. The board game uses the design of the Mega Man games where you will battle robot masters, gain their abilities, and eventually fight Dr. Wily. The project has already reached its kickstarter goal of $70,000 but there is still a number of stretch goals waiting to be reached to give more depth and content to make this board game bigger and better than Capcom could even hope for.

“Mega Man the Board Game is a 2-8 player “Side Scrolling” board game. Our team wanted to develop a game that has both the feeling of a single player Mega Man game and the excitement and interaction of a party game. After years of testing the game mechanics, we found a way to capture the experience of playing a Mega Man game while adding a new element unique to our board game: players will both control their character and, for the first time, control Dr. Wily’s forces as you impede the progress of other players.”

This might not be the Mega Man game fans have been asking for but it looks like a lot of fun and a great way to spend time with friends while enjoying a new spin on an old game. If you’re interested in helping to fund the project or just curious if they have a Proto Man mini why not head over to their Kickstarter Page.


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