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StreetPass Getting New Content

Battleground ZThere are currently four games available to purchase, download and play through the 3DS’ StreetPass functionality.  There are more coming.  During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation Nintendo showed off two new games.  The first, called Ultimate Angler has you visiting the “StreetPass Islands” to catch more than 150 different types of fish.  Collect bait through StreePassing with other 3DS owners.

The second game is called Battleground Z.  It’s a zombie survival game featuring Miis.  You get items based off the hobbies of the people you StreetPass with that you then use to fight off the zombie hordes, a most adorable zombie horde at that.

There is also a new paid service called StreetPass Premium.  This new for pay feature add premium content like StreetPass Birthdays and a Mii VIP room.  This service will cost you $4.99.

You can buy Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z seperately for $4.99 each or in a bundle for $7.99.  This new content launches on April 16th.

Next Pokemon Rumble Game Heading to 3DS

Pokemon Rumble has been a staple on my systems.  I bought the first one on WiiWare.  I bought the one on 3DS.  I bought the one on Wii U.  They’re mindless fun and my kids enjoy playing them with me.  Now, the Pokemon Rumble series is going back to 3DS and this time it’s free-to-play (bum, bum, bum).  Pokemon Rumble World will be free to download, but will have in-game purchases.  The game will also feature more than 700 different pokemon ranging from Pokemon Red and Blue all the way up to the most recent Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games.

The newest toy pokemon game launches next week on April 8th.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Is Cross-Buy

Jools Watsham and the folks at Renegade Kid may just be the smartest indie developers on the planet.  A video showing off their newest game, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge let loose some interesting details.  This game is going to be difficult, incredibly difficult.

What makes it so great is that they’re rewarding people who’ve bought the original version of Mutant Mudds.  They’re giving you a loyalty discount if you bought the first game.  Buy the 3DS version of the game and you get the Wii U version for free.  Buy the Wii U version and you get the 3DS version for free.  It’s cross-buy.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge launches this June on Wii U and 3DS.

The Makers Of Kirby Bring You Box Boy

HAL Laboratories is most famous for bringing us Satoru Iwata, Masahiro Sakurai and the Kirby character.  Now they’re set to bring you something like you’ve never seen from them before.  Their newest game, set to hit the eShop tomorrow, is called BOXBOY!  In it you play as a box who as the ability to change his shape to help navigate the games more than 150 challenging levels.  It looks incredibly adorable.

It launches tomorrow, April 2nd, on the 3DS eShop.

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New Fire Emblem Puts You in the Lead

Typically in a Fire Emblem game you play as a premade character or a character who’s not necessarily the main focus of the story.  Nintendo showed off more details of the newest Fire Emblem game coming to 3DS in 2016.  This time you create the character and you are put at the forefront of the story.

You choose one of two paths, Hoshido or Nohr.  The path you choose determines your fate and the direction of the story.  Hoshido gives you a more traditional experience while the Norh side turns up the difficulty and creates a more complex story to enjoy.  Whichever you choose, you are the star.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon – Full Trailer

March 31, 2015 Leave a comment

We’re one week out from the release of Etrian Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS.  Atlus wants to get you ready for the release of the game with one more trailer showing off just what you can expect.

They also want to let you know that there is a theme available for the game in the 3DS theme shop.  It’s only 99¢.

Atlus Bringing Stella Glow West

March 31, 2015 Leave a comment

I don’t know much about this game, but Atlus is doing what Atlus does best. They’re bringing JRPGs to North America. This time it’s a game called Stella Glow. You play as a charater named Alto, a young knight. You must convince a group of Witches through the Regnant Kingdom to join you and fight off the Witch of Destruction named Hilda. You use the power of song to unlock your party member’s full potential.

Whatever it is it looks right up my alley. Atlus doesn’t have any localized assets as of yet to show off, but they provided this trailer that you see. It includes chibi character models, lots of number and crazy spell effects. That’s my kind of game, right there. The game is set for release sometime this year on the Nintendo 3DS.

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