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Interview: Brjann Sigurgeirsson (Steamworld Heist)

April 29, 2015 2 comments

Steamworld Heist LogoSteamworld Dig was one of those games that took this site by storm.  It started with Shelby and spiraled from there.  I, personally, ended up playing through the game on four different platforms and live streamed a speed run to the bottom of the world.  Needless to say we were actually very interested in talking to the folks at Image and Form when they announced Steamworld Heist.  I recently got the chance to chat with Brjann from the developer about the game.  Here’s that interview in all it’s glory.  It’s long, but it’s good.  He gives some great insight into how feedback affects not only a game, but the communities overall response to it and even the developers themselves.  You also find out which company he’d like to work with in the future to get characters like Rusty into other properties.

Buckle up.  It’s a long, bumpy ride, but it’s a good one.

Thanks for joining us today.  Can you introduce yourself to everyone?

Hi all, I’m Brjann (Editor’s Note: It’s pronounced Brian) Sigurgeirsson (Editor’s Note: No clue), the CEO and founder of Image & Form, a small studio based in rainy, windy Gothenburg, Sweden. Or it’s usually rainy and windy… today we’re having a one-off with sunshine, and it’s WARM! Yay, spring is here! :)

We’ve made games for over ten years, but it’s not until recently things have taken off. For the longest time we were a work-for-hire studio, grabbing every chance to make money – very much a hand-to-mouth operation. Then, in 2010, we started making our own games. It was either that or dying a slow, painful death from lack of creative outlet.

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Interview: Alexis Bacot (Izle)

Izle LogoKickstarter has been a huge deal for a number of projects that people have wanted to make.  It’s benefited the creation of numerous games and even brought about the existence of a console.  There are dozens of projects on there at any time.  Sometimes one catches your eye and you want to know more about it.  That’s the case with Izle.  A few weeks ago I was sent an email from someone telling me about an upcoming project called Izle that was to be launching soon.  I replied back that I wanted to be kept up to date on the project and was sent another email just before the project went live.  I was able to get together with one of the developers of the project and he took a few minutes to talk about the project and just what Izle is.  I want to thank Alexis Bacot of Area Effect for taking the time to talk to us and tell us just what his game is all about.

Thanks for joining us today.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and just what Izle is?

Hi! I’m Alexis Bacot, the founder of Area Effect, and creator of Izle. Izle is a 3D procedural action adventure RPG, and it’s actually a very Nintendo-like game! We give you a lot of freedom to really build your own world it’s very creative and at the same time we give you a ton of gameplay inside that world. We’re currently on Kickstarter, if you want to support us!

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Interview: Big John Games (Cube Creator 3D)

Cube Creator 3D LogoThere can be no denying the popularity of a game like Minecraft. It’s been one of the best-selling games on numerous systems and is the most watched game on Youtube by far. It only made sense then for a game of that style to come to the most popular dedicated handheld gaming device. The buyout of Mojang by Microsoft essentially shut that down.

Big John Games has stepped in to fill that void with the development of Cube Creator 3D. There is a demo of the game currently available on the 3DS eShop if you’re interested in checking the game out for yourself. Evan Patterson, Producer, and Matt Heinzen, Lead Developer, from Big John Games took a few minutes to talk to us about Cube Creator 3D and what you can expect to see when the game launches on the 3DS later this year.

I want to thank both them and Big John Games for talking to us today.

Thanks for joining us today. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you and Big John Games?

I am Evan Patterson, Producer of Cube Creator 3D. Also with us is Matt Heinzen, Lead Developer of Cube Creator 3D. Big John Games is an active studio that has been focused on making downloadable Nintendo games for the last 6 years. We have been dedicated to providing quality games for our consumers. We have a lot of fun making games, and are really happy when we see people enjoying our games.

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Yacht Club Games Audio Interview


Recently, Tony and I had a chance to chat with a few people from Yacht Club Games; the studio behind the upcoming Shovel Knight. We recorded the whole thing since we figured y’all might want to listen. We asked them a few questions about Shovel Knight, indie game development and bad puns. I always enjoy chatting with developers and learning about how games are made. Thanks again to Nick (a.k.a. Woz), Sean, Erin and Ian for taking the time to talk to us. Be advised, the audio levels on this one are a little rough. The four members from Yacht Club were huddled around a laptop’s built in mic. I did the best I could to clean it up but there are spots when things are garbled.

Yacht Club Games Interview
Starring – Tony, Nick, Sean, Erin, Ian, Shelby
Run time – 34:24

If you want to keep up with Yacht Club Games and all the work they are buried in, you can check out their website, Twitter, Facebook group, Kickstarter page, Paypal (if you feel the need to give them some money) or just send an email to We have a Facebook group and a Twitter thing too. Plus, we have a YouTube channel and a forum. But of course, you can always email us at Wow, that’s a lot of hyperlinks.

Interview: Peter Ong (Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion)

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment


One of my top five games on the Nintendo DS is Monster Tale, developed by a company call DreamRift. Earlier in the year, when it was announced they were behind the 3DS release of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, I knew that was going to be a game on my radar. I recently got the chance to do an interview with Peter Ong of Dream Rift. Whether you’re a fan of DreamRift’s work or you like the old Sega Illusion games, this interview will give you a little more insight into the development of Power Of Illusion.

Thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for DreamRift?

I am the Creative Director of the independent, video game studio, DreamRift. I’m also the Director of Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. DreamRift developed Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion as a unique standalone game for Disney within the Epic Mickey franchise.
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RedLynx Audio Interview

March 25, 2012 2 comments

We have a great interview right here, folks.  This time Tony and I have a chat with RedLynx community manager, Daniel Nixon.  We had an absolute blast recording this one so I’m sure y’all will enjoy listening to it.  We ask Daniel about the development and community for MotoHeroz, what we can expect from the upcoming Trials Evolution and its achievements and we also ask about RedLynx’s future with the Wii U and 3DS.  Then at some point, Daniel and I turn on Tony and put him in his place.  Serves him right.  That Tony guy acts like he can do whatever he wants just because he hosts the show.

If you want to become a part of the RedLynx community, you can follow them on Twitter (@RedLynxGamer) or join their Facebook group right here.  You can keep an eye on all RedLynx has to announce by reading their blog (written by Daniel himself) and don’t forget to head over to their forums and discuss all the ways you think Altaïr could ride a motorcycle.  Thanks again to Daniel for taking the time to talk with us.

RedLynx Interview
Starring – Tony, Daniel, Shelby
Run time – 30:09

As always if you want more hijinx from us, you can listen to our weekly podcast.  We also have a forum, Twitter account, Facebook group and a YouTube channel.  All thanks to the internet.  Thank you, internet.

Zen Studios Audio Interview

December 21, 2011 1 comment

Tony and I got a chance to talk with Mel Kirk and Neal Sorens from Zen Studios. This is a quick 30 minute interview where we talk about Pinball FX2 as well as the upcoming Zen Pinball 3D. Both Mel and Neal give us some behind the scenes info on what goes into making tables and working with Marvel. They also announce the North America release date for Zen Pinball 3D. As an added bonus, we somehow get to talking about Mario Kart in the end.

Zen Studios Interview
Run time – 36:37

Thanks again to Mel and Neal as well as everybody at Zen Studios. If you want to keep tabs on them, they have a Twitter account, a Facebook page and their forum. As always, you can listen to the normal Okie Cast on Mondays… except we probably won’t do one this week because of Christmas… so almost as always. And you can still get in on your chance to win a free game on our trivia podcast. If you liked those Zen Studio links then you might like our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and forum links as well.


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