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Price Drop On 3 Amiibos

February 24, 2015 Leave a comment

AmiiboPeachWhile the Amiibo craze rages on and many Amiibos are becoming rare, some still have a larger supply and Nintendo’s ready to help get them cleared out.  Nintendo announced a new suggested retail price of $9.99 for Donkey Kong, Peach, and Yoshi, 3 of their top 10 best selling Amiibos in the US and Canada.  This comes in time for the new wave of Amiibos set to release next month for Mario Party 10 on Wii U.

Nintendo already has more then 5.7 million amiibos sold and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – Details, Release Date, Gameplay

February 24, 2015 Leave a comment

XenobladeChronicles3DXenoblade Chronicles 3D is right around the corner with a scheduled release for April 2 in Europe and Japan and April 10th in North America.  The game will have a file size of 3.6 GB so for those looking to get the game digitally, be warned now, you’ll need to set aside some space.  Unfortunately, the game won’t feature the original Japanese audio and only feature the English dub, which isn’t too bad considering how awesome the English voice over is.

Many gameplay videos are beginning to surface for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.  Due to spoilers though, I’m going to avoid most videos and link in one specifically from Eurogamer as they’re at the beginning and aren’t spoiling anything.

This is a great chance for those who own the New 3DS to jump in and try out this game.  Admittedly, I went a bit overboard with my playthrough, spending over 290 hours in it on Wii.  But this does go to show just what type of beast of a game this is.  There’s near 60 hours to be had in the main story alone but once you go off doing side quests, fighting hidden bosses, and looking through every nook and cranny of the world and systems, you can get way more out of it.  Are you really feeling it?

Are Plastic Instruments Making A Comeback?

February 24, 2015 Leave a comment

Rock Band Beatles

Break out those instruments and make room in the closets. It looks like we should be gearing up for a revival of the rock kind. Recently rumors have been swirling that Harmonix is looking to bring back the Rock Band franchise. New DLC for the series was just released and some people think the names of the songs hint at a return for the plastic instrument game.

Kotaku UK is reporting that Activision is prepping for a reveal of a new Guitar Hero game at E3. Unlike the previous versions of the game this new series will take a more realistic approach to the visuals as opposed to the cartoony, exaggerated look of the previous games.

When asked about these rumors, Activision simply said:

“[We] have previously said, that as one of the most beloved entertainment franchises, we would only bring Guitar Hero back if we developed the right innovations to usher the franchise into the new generation of gaming.”

We all sort of expected that the games would return after a break. People still play them to this day, but fatigue was starting to set in due to the frequency of releases that were happening. Now that people have had a chance to take a breath maybe it’s the right time for the games to return. I know I’ve been itching to pull the drums out of storage a time or two.

Liege PAX East Debut Trailer

February 23, 2015 Leave a comment


PAX East trailers are already starting. Liege, a classic style turn based strategy RPG with a modern twist developed by Coda Games, is on its way this year to Windows, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, PS Vita, and Wii U. The game visual style is very reminiscent of the 16 and 32 bit era classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, and Fire Emblem.

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Botuden Blasting Onto 3DS

February 23, 2015 Leave a comment

DBZ Extreme BotudenA new entry in the DBZ Botuden series, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Botuden, is on the way to Nintendo 3DS!  The game is being made by Arc System Works, fighting game vets and creators of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue.  There will be over 100 characters from the DBZ franchise (though it isn’t confirmed if they will all be playable) and will have both 1 on 1 battles and team battles.  The game has a Summer 2015 release date for Japan, no word on a European or North American release at this time.



DBZ Extreme Botuden2This one really excites me as I used to play this series with friends on the SNES, PS1, and Saturn back in the 90’s.  Admittedly, I didn’t keep up with DBZ games as much by the time PS2, GC, and Xbox hit the scene and never really played the handheld games.  This also means I never played Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors, Arc System Works other pair of DBZ games, but I’m more then willing to give this one a try.


Luckily Namco Bandai Games has a pretty good track record in localizing games, in specific DBZ games, though some games we’re still hoping get localized.  Are you looking forward to this one too?


DBZ Extreme Botuden 4

Bizerta: Silent Evil Coming to a Wii U Near You

February 22, 2015 Leave a comment


In a recent interview, German studio Edrox Interactive revealed that their survival horror game, Bizerta: Silent Evil, is Wii U bound.  Inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, the project was initially being made for PS Vita but moved to Wii U after running into publishing issues.



The biggest issue on Vita is that I have a PSM license so I can only publish a game with limited size on their store, which is 1 GB. That’s simply not enough for my game.


This comes after publishers stopped bringing their bigger games to the Wii U, including Capcom with Resident Evil: Revelations 2.  This also means there won’t be much competition on the system and a good new IP could stand out much more easily, especially in a genre that hasn’t been doing the greatest recently.  I for one would love to see a game that resembles the old style Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.  We don’t get many games like those anymore these days.


BizertaSilentEvil2Photo credit goes to CUBED3

Blurry Wii U Logo Appears on Simogo’s Twitter

February 22, 2015 Leave a comment



A blurry Wii U logo appeared on Simogo’s twitter recently.  This comes after Simogo said in a blog post earlier this month that they have 2 projects in the works that will allow them to revisit previous titles in different ways.  Simogo’s body of work is comprised of mobile and PC games such as Cosmo Spin, Device 6, and Year Walk.  A Wii U release would mark their first release on a dedicated gaming device.


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