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Dragon Quest Logo’s Leak

DQXI_Logo_SmallIn about an hour a Dragon Quest event will be taking place in Japan that will announce a new title. Since the announcement of the event a few days ago, there’s been a lot of speculation as to what will be shown. We know about Dragon Quest Builders and we know about Dragon Quest Heroes 2. What else does Square Enix have up their sleeves? Speculation has been going ramped.

Well, it appears two logo’s has been leaked a bit early. The logo reads, Dragon Quest XI, which means a new main series entry. There’s also a logo for something called Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner. Outside of the two logo’s, nothing else has leaked. There’s no information about either game as of the time I’m writing.

DQMonsterBattleScannerLogoSmallYuji Horii has gone on record saying that Dragon Quest XI will be offline and on home consoles in a past interview. It’s also incredibly doubtful we’ll be seeing another main series entry on Wii U. However, a 2ch user who leaked Dragon Quest XI‘s full name before the logo was leaked is claiming the game will be on PS4 AND 3DS. Users on NeoGaf and other sites are speculating that this could be true considering 3DS is the biggest system in Japan and major releases always go to the system that’s most popular. Others are using Ni No Kuni as the example. This of course, is speculation. The good news is, we’ll soon find out if it’s true or not. The Dragon Quest Event starts in about an hour. You can watch it here.

European Releases Week Beginning 27/07/2015

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It’s Monday which can mean only one thing, it’s time take a look at what treats Nintendo has in store for us this week on the eShop and the real shop.




Legend of Kay Anniversary (£19.99/€29.99) – This is a remaster of a PS2 games that had a decent following way back when. It looks like a genuinely interesting 3D platform action game and is boasting full 1080p, 60fps graphics as part of this rerelease. Continue reading European Releases Week Beginning 27/07/2015

Splatoon Adding Tons of Content in August

InklingPlayers have flocked to Splatoon, the new ink-based shooter from Nintendo, despite some people saying that it lacked a lot of content at launch. One curious omission was the ability to play specifically against friends in the online multiplayer modes. A new, rather sizeable update, coming to the game on August 5th will change that. Two new multiplayer modes, Squad Battle and Private Battle, will add matchmaking with friends to the list of options available to players. Squad Battle will let player participate in Ranked Battle rule sets with friends instead of being paired up with players randomly. Private Battle lets you customize battles for two to eight players, selecting favorite maps, modes and weapons. The host change choose any combination of players, teams don’t have to be matched evenly.

Alongside the two new modes the level cap for players will be raised from 20 to 50 and rank can be raised to S and S+.

40 new pieces of gear for players to customize their inkling will also be added and new weapons like the Slosher can be chosen. The Slosher is a bucket-like weapon that will let you throw large amounts of ink directly in front of you. There is also a new gatling-style weapon called the Splatling.

Nintendo says this is not the end of the content updates eithers. More content, both free and premium, will be added to the game over the Summer and Fall including another new Ranked Battle mode called Rainmaker. More details about the additional content will be announced later.

Nintendo Partners With Facebook For Super Mario Maker


Nintendo recently put out a and quickly deleted a tweet stating that they’re partnering with Facebook for Super Mario Maker. In the tweet they stated that Facebook employees will build a stage and one of those levels be free to download after launch.

Well, the next day, Nintendo officially announced on their website about the partnership. Named Hackathon, employees of Facebook will create stages for Super Mario Maker and a panel of people Facebook and Nintendo will be judging. The best level will be playable when the game launches September 11th. Furthermore, Nintendo will be recording the whole event for a video series that they’ll put on their social media channels July 28th and 29th for fans to check out.

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Tentative UK prices on Amiibo cards appear

A few tentative prices for the upcoming Animal Crossing cards that will support Happy Home Designer have appeared. By no means are they confirmed but they may give us a glimpse into what we’ll be paying when the new range is released alongside the game later this year.

Argos, which is a UK retailer that operates mainly through their extensive catalogue that comes out a few times a year are showing both Happy Home Designer and the Amiibo cards in their latest catalogue. Continue reading Tentative UK prices on Amiibo cards appear

Mr. Iwata Did The Localization Programing For Dragon Warrior

DragonWarriorSince the unfortunate and unexpected announcement of Mr. Iwata’s passing, many people have shared their condolences in and out of the industry. Others who have worked closer with Mr. Iwata have looked back and reflected on past experiences. One such individual is Yuji Horii of Dragon Quest fame. Apparently, Mr. Iwata was also a key individual in the release of the first Dragon Warrior Quest game in the west.

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Miiverse Update Dated; Draws Criticism

MiiverseLogoEarlier this month we learned that big changes were coming to the Miiverse. Now we have a release date for those changes. We’ll be seeing the Miiverse changes July 29th.

Unfortunately, like many things Nintendo announces, the community has been pretty split on what they think of the Miiverse changes. Some are excited for the new features and some don’t care either way, however, the majority of the comments on it are negative. In the same Miiverse post as the release date announcement, Tom posted some clarification of what they’re doing and why. Most of the comments don’t appear to be too receptive though with the limited posting being a repeated complaint.

How do you feel about the upcoming Miiverse changes?