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Etrian Mystery Dungeon: Meet the Ninja

Ninjas are the most popular assassins on the planet. They have their own memes. They have their own movies. Everyone wants to be a ninja. Well, in Etrian Mystery Dungeon you’ll get that chance. Atlus has shown on their newest announced member of your dungeon raiding party, the Ninja. In Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Ninja use their mysterious Ninpo arts to bind, trick, and deal damage to their enemies.

Do you want to see the ninja in action? Watch this video. Don’t blink, though. You might not see them.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon hits stores on April 4th for the 3DS.

New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer Shows Off Gorgeous World

February 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Nintendo recently released a new trailer for their RPG epic, Xenoblade Chronicles X. It shows off the games gorgeous environments and gives you another chance to see how vast the the world is. Not too long ago, in an interview with Famitsu, Monolith Soft revealed the game will be 400km^2, which makes the game the 10th largest non randomly generated game in existence. The game will also feature 32 player passive online, 4 player questing, Off-TV play, and Wii U Pro Controller support. It’ll be getting a late April release in Japan but for those in North America and Europe, we unfortunately have to wait a bit longer. This is unfortunate too as my excitement is becoming harder to contain!

Street Fighter V Charlie Reveal and Beta Announcement

February 25, 2015 Leave a comment


Nash aka Charlie, a fan favorite from the Street Fighter series, is making his glorious return in Street Fighter V. Charlie has been MIA for years now so his return comes somewhat as a shock to Street Fighter fans and the fighting game community. His play style is quite different then it was before too, with a style that’s similar to Rugal from King of Fighters.

Capcom also announced plans for a massive beta on PS4 and PC calling it “the largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history” though no specifics about it were given. Street Fighter V is still in early development and doesn’t have a given release date as of now but we can definitely expect to see more on it later this year.  Until then, enjoy this awesome trailer!

Liege PAX East Debut Trailer

February 23, 2015 Leave a comment


PAX East trailers are already starting. Liege, a classic style turn based strategy RPG with a modern twist developed by Coda Games, is on its way this year to Windows, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, PS Vita, and Wii U. The game visual style is very reminiscent of the 16 and 32 bit era classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, and Fire Emblem.

Rodea: The Sky Soldier is Westbound

February 20, 2015 2 comments

You heard right!  Yesterday, NIS America announced that they’ll be bringing Rodea: The Sky Soldier to both WiiU and 3DS in North America and Europe this fall.  With its reveal for the Wii happening in 2010 and director Yuji Naka stating that version of the game was finished in 2011 this game has been a long time coming.   However, they needed Kadokawa Shoten to publish it.  Furthermore XSeed Games shown an interest in taking on its localization in North America.  The game then went into silence until 2013 when we learned that the project was moved to WiiU and 3DS and now NIS America picked up its localization in the west.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon: Meet the Dancer

February 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Etrian Myster Dungeon DancersYou know what gets people fired up and ready to fight? Dancing. You know what heals people’s wounds when they’ve been in a rough brawl? You guessed it. Dancing. Hey, if it works for the Elite Beat Agents it can work for anyone, right?

Atlus has been showing off many of the character classes in their upcoming rogue-like dungeon crawler, Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Their newest class is the dancer. These sword swing gals (or guys) are good in a fight, but they’re even better at supporting the party with their dances of healing or buffing (of party stats).

Here’s a new trailer showing off just how they’ll be able to help you when the going gets tough.

Trailer of the Year!

February 13, 2015 Leave a comment

I know it’s a bit early, being February and all, but I’m afraid the Trailer of the Year award has just been awarded to Persona 4: Dancing All Night. And remember, folks, it’s an honor just to be nominated… in February.


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