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Nintendo Makes A Super Mario Maker Nostalgia Trailer

As we get closer to the release of games, companies tend to amp up their advertisement for their games. Nintendo is no different to this and is no stranger for getting people really hyped right before their games are released.  Well, they’re doing it again. Nintendo UK released a new trailer for Super Mario Maker with a nostalgic tone. I can describe it but I figure actually watching it will do a lot more then me explaining it. You can find this new trailer below.

Reddit Moderator Creates Torrent Consisting Of 700 Free And Legal Roguelikes


A moderator on Reddit, who has been collecting free and open-source Roguelikes since 2008, has decided to share his collection with the world. Doing so, he’s bundled over 700 Roguelikes together in a torrent download of 7.12gb in size. Again, all of the games are legal downloads, so don’t expect games like Dungeons of Dredmor.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t some popular titles in it. Caves of Qud, Angband, Roguelight, and Brogue are included as well as many, many other games. It should be stated, these games are all for Windows so if you’re using Mac or Lynux, you’re out of luck. Also, even though many users have said it’s a safe download after running anti-virus, make sure you know what you’re downloading before you download it and download with caution.  For a list of the exact games, click here.

Bill Trinen Cancels His EVO Attendance Due To Recent Events

Bill Trinen

Earlier this month, the internet learned that Bill Trinen quietly signed up to compete at EVO. This would have been his first time competing since PAX 10 years ago in a Melee tournament. He seemed genuinely interested in the competition and keeping the focus on the Smash Bros. and those competing. Unfortunately though, recent events have changed things.

It is completely understandable that he would cancel this. Nintendo in general seems to be changing a lot of their PR and social plans, which is to be expected. Maybe, when things calm down at Nintendo, we’ll see him compete. Until then, best of wishes Mr. Trinen.

New Horizons Probe Uses Original Playstation CPU

PlayStationNine years after launch, the New Horizons space probe that NASA launched has just passed Pluto. With this, scientists have got some of the best information so far of the far away planet and it’s five moons. But how does this relate to gaming? Well, we all know that our modern gaming systems and mobile devices are more powerful then the computers used to get astronauts to the moon. As it turns out, your devices are also more powerful then the computer in this probe.

The processor used in this probe is the same processor in the Playstation 1. That’s right. The MIPS R3000 CPU that was used to run classics like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy VII, and Metal Gear Solid is the same processor used to get the New Horizons probe to Pluto. It’s pretty cool that they could use the PS1 processor for something like this.

Xeodrifter Wii U Releasing July 30th

Xeodrifter LogoJools Watsham gave Xeodrifter on Wii U a release date during his recent talk with Nintendo World Report. We can expect Xeodrifter to be blasting onto Wii U July 30th. Like stated before, the game will indeed have cross-buy. If you bought the game on 3DS, you’ll get the Wii U version no additional cost.

He also claims that the cross-buy download will count as a new purchase. I’m not sure what exactly that means now that Club Nintendo and the Digital Deluxe Program has ended but I’m going to guess that’s a good thing.

Amazon Is Showing Respect For Satoru Iwata

SatoruIwataAmazonAmazon UK‘s games section is honoring Satoru Iwata as well. On the side of the page his picture and his years of life. It’s a great nod to a legend.

Also, according to a rep on Reddit, Amazon has also decided to delay their Amiibo announcement a day out of respect for Satoru Iwata.

Hey everyone. I know how excited you are for what we have in store, but my team just had a discussion, and out of respect for Satoru Iwata, we’re going to be delaying our announcement by one day. Iwata was a visionary that had a near-immeasurable impact on the industry as a whole, and we didn’t want to simply ignore that and push forward without acknowledging. RIP Satoru Iwata.

Good on you Amazon!

The Gaming Community Is Paying Respect To Satoru Iwata


Today has been a very sad day but also a day that makes me proud to be part of the gaming community. We’ve seen an out-pour of support, not just in the Nintendo community, but in the gaming community as a whole. From Nintendo fans, to gamers, to Nintendo employees, to designers, to journalists, to publishers, to even other companies; many are honoring, remembering and paying their respects towards Satoru Iwata. Here’s some of the gaming community paying their respects.

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