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Toki Tori Is Wobbling Onto 3DS


Over a year after asking the fans if they wanted it, Toki Tori 1 is now headed to 3DS. The announcement comes after several hints and now a tweet officially confirming the game. Also, they’re teaming up with Engine Software after more then 20 years to get the game out.

Pokemon Symphonic Tour Announces 30 New Cities

March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

pokemon logoPeople like video game music. People like Pokemon. It only seems natural that people would like music from Pokemon. In fact, much like with the Legend of Zelda in the past couple of years Pokemon is now touring a symphonic show featuring music from most of the games released in the series. From Pokemon Red and Blue all the way up to Pokemon X and Y, you’ll hear songs from every release. The tour started in Washington DC with a sold out performance. It also sold out in Pittsburgh.

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PS4 Good For Sony, Vita Not So Much

March 17, 2015 Leave a comment

PS4Sony has just released some of their most recent financial reports and the news for the PS4 is good. Thanks to an increase in hardware sales, favorable exchange rates and an increase in network services the PS4 helped Sony account for a 16.8 percent year over year increase. That translates to about $4.39 billion in revenue.

However, things weren’t so good on the mobile side. The Playstation Vita, Playstation TV and PSP accounted for a $93 million write down as sales for those units did not meet the company’s original forecasts.

Sony expects their next financial results to continue in a positive direction and have revised their overall figures upward from a previous forecast. I would expect most of that to come from PS4 sales as the platform continue to dominate the market overall. Don’t expect the company to be too happy at all about their handheld sales.

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Nintendo Forms Mobile Partnership

March 17, 2015 2 comments

Nintendo MobileFor years now the world has been clamoring for Nintendo to leverage the weight of their IP in the mobile market. For years Nintendo has been slow to enter the space, saying they needed the right type of game for that platform. Now, Nintendo is finally making the move into the mobile market, but they’re not doing it alone.

They have formed a partnership with DeNA, a mobile focused company. DeNA will be allowed to use Nintendo’s most iconic IP to develop new games for the mobile market. According to Nintendo to ensure the quality of the experience only new, original games optimized for smart devices will be created. They will not be porting existing games from the Wii U and 3DS to mobile devices.

Along with this was the announcement of an online membership service that will be accessible from smart devices, PC and both Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo is hoping to use DeNA’s extensive experience with membership services to create something that fans will be interested in using. No real details about what this subscription service is were announced, but it is being targeted for launch this Fall.

To show their commitment to this partnership both companies entered into a capital alliance. Nintendo is acquiring over fifteen million shares of DeNA stock, which accounts for 10% of the company. At the same time DeNA will acquire 1.75 million shares of Nintendo stock, or 1.24% of the company.

It’s exciting to see Nintendo taking advantage of a huge market and that it won’t be simply porting over VC games or existing IP. I’m also really interested in seeing just what this subscription service they’re talking about is. Will it be Playstation Plus or Xbox Live in function or something totally different? We’ll find out as more details emerge.

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Could The Creator Of Assassin’s Creed Revive Assassin’s Creed?

December 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Patrice DesiletsPatrice Desilets worked at Ubisoft and was the Creative Director of Assassin’s Creed from 2007 until he left the company in 2010. He worked on both of the first two games in the series and is generally credited as being the creator of Assassin’s Creed. Since his time at Ubisoft he has formed his own studio called Panache. The company was founded this past November, but no one knew what the company was working on. Until now.

According to a press release obtained by Game Informer he still believes in the AAA game experience and his company is, in fact, working on one. It will be a historical action-survival game. One of the games he was working on in the past was a game called 1666, set in Amsterdam. This game, according to Desilets, was to be “the new Assassin’s Creed”. He’s been working to get the rights to that game. Could that be what he’s working on and could we see another Assassin’s Creed style game from the man who brought the franchise to life?

I’d be okay with that.

The Opinion Herd: Video Game Mount Rushmore

January 3, 2014 Leave a comment

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Mount Rushmore is a monument to some of the greatest men in American history.  It immediately brings to mind those four men’s contributions to making this country the way it is.  That form could be used in any industry to remember the most respected figures in said industry’s history.  There are a number of men and women in the video game industry that have contributed to making the world of video games the way it is; people who have created iconic characters or been the driving force behind the consoles that millions of people around the world have played.  Having said that, “If you were to create a video game version of Mount Rushmore what four figures would you nominate to be immortalized for all time on the monument?”

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2013 Year in Review: Micah’s Top 10 Games of the Year

December 25, 2013 Leave a comment
2013 Year in Review
For the first time, I actually kept a rolling list of games I played throughout the year.  If I don’t narrow it down to the games that came out this year, I’d have an even more difficult time with this daunting task!  I mean c’mon!  Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Muramasa Rebirth, DuckTales Remastered, and Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara!  These are remakes and rereleases of some of my all-time favorite games!  In order to make this 2013 Top 10 list a reality, I had to make the painfully difficult decision to disqualify these games.  So without further ado, please allow me to outline my top 10 new titles that were released in 2013.
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