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The Legend of Zelda Series Got Some Love In The Nintendo Direct


Twilight Princess getting the HD treatment on Wii U has been a rumor that’s been going around for quite some time now. Well, as it turns out, it’s actually true. During the recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is on the way.

It’s also getting it’s own Wolf Link Amiibo and it will be compatible with all other Legend of Zelda based Amiibo’s. Furthermore, the new Amiibo will be able to carry over data to Legend of Zelda Wii U when it releases. It’s also getting a bundle with the new Amiibo and a soundtrack if you pre-order. Twilight Princess HD, the Amiibo, and the bundle will be out March 4, 2016.

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Square Enix Had Some Announcements During Today’s Nintendo Direct

There were many bombs dropped in today’s Nintendo Direct. Surprisingly, quite a few of the biggest announcements came from Square Enix. First up, we have Bravely Second: End Layer, which was briefly mentioned but given a Spring 2016 release time frame.

FinalFantasyExplorersCollectorsEditionNext we have Final Fantasy Explorers which is getting a collector’s edition. It’ll come with a 20-track soundtrack, a 32-page art book, a special 3DS hard case, and special quests that unlock legendary weapons. The collector’s edition is only available in the Square Enix store and is going for $69.99. Furthermore, they also shown off more gameplay that shows you can use outfits and characters from past Final Fantasy games as well as you can rename your spells. Expect to be having your final fantasy (again) January 26, 2016.

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Rumor: Pegi Possibly Leaked Minecraft On Wii U


When looking up games and gaming in general, you’ll be hard pressed to find a store, site, or general geek-culture place that has no Minecraft or Minecraft inspired games and content. Minecraft is always in the top 20 most watched games on Twitch, it’s the most watched game on YouTube, and it’s one of the few games that really helped to create a new genre. Countless games have since been created with a similar visual style and even more with that style gameplay.

There’s no denying that the game is incredibly popular, which is why its lack of a presence on Nintendo products is quite disappointing for many gamers. This is understandable as the game is on most other devices and the developers aren’t exactly sure why it’s not on Wii U either. Well their may be hope for Minecraft on a Nintendo platform.

According to an alleged leak from a Pegi listing that was screen capped and shared on NeoGAF, it appears that Minecraft could be coming out on Wii U tomorrow. Whether or not this is accurate, who knows, however we’ll soon find out. Nintendo’s newest Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow.

Incoming Nintendo Direct This Week

Nintendo Direct is officially happening this week. Nintendo has announced and dated their newest Direct for November 12 at 2 P.M PT via Twitter. This will be the first Direct presentation since the Mr. Satoru Iwata’s passing.


Last month, Nintendo’s new CEO Tatsumi Kimishima stated during an investors meeting that Nintendo has more unannounced titles for the Wii U and 3DS for the holiday season. Now is definitely a good time to talk about them. Let’s see what cards Nintendo is holding.

Nintendo Adding New Content To Super Mario Maker

Mario Maker FlagSuper Mario Maker has been a pretty solid hit for Nintendo. Today the company has announced that more than 3.3 million levels have been created for the game and uploaded to the internet across the globe. Nintendo is also announcing that they’re making the game better.

There were some things that were missing from the original release of the game to help make it feel more like a true Mario experience. One was the ability to add mid-level checkpoints for those really long levels. The other was that power-ups didn’t feel quite right because you couldn’t make them change depending on how Mario was at the time. Both of those things are changing.

Nintendo will be pushing out a free update on November 4th that will add those things. Mid-level checkpoints will now be able to be added courtesy of the flag that was introduced in New Super Mario Bros. That will help make those really long levels more manageable.

Power-ups will be able to be modified based on Mario’s status. By adding the power-up you want (ie Fire Flower, Propeller Suit) and a Super Mushroom to a block the power-up will correspond to Mario’s current status. For example, if he is small you’ll get the Super Mushroom. If he’s bigger you would get the Fire Flower or whatever other item was in the block.

Also new are Event Courses that will be added from time to time. These courses are special ones that are created from partners outside of Nintendo. One of the first to be added is a level called “Ship Love” that won the “hackathon” that was held at the Facebook headquarters earlier this year. In addition to that a new section called the Official Makers section will be added to the Course World after the update that will feature specially selected courses.

Super Mario Maker Drives Solid Wii U Sales

Super Mario MakerIt appears that if you want to guarantee Wii U sales then the best thing to do is release a Mario game, especially one where the community gets to create their own levels for said franchise.

Nintendo announced today that Wii U sales are up 110% in September over the figures that were achieved in August.  In the first three weeks of its release the game sold nearly 445,000 units.  Those numbers rise to over 500,000 units in the US when you factor in the first full month of availability.