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Minivan Confessionals: Kid Icarus AR Cards

August 3, 2012 12 comments

Yea, I drive a minivan.  What?  I’ve got 15 kids.

Nintendo has announced a second round of AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising in North America, but they’re not selling them in stores. This is my reaction to that news.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 113

April 23, 2012 1 comment

Puns, puns, puns.  This show is full of all kinds of quality jokes.  Not only that, but we talk about video games too.  With Micah out to some sort of real-life activity, we call in Mr. Steve Conger from to help us out.  After this show is over you can expect to be smarter about Xenoblade Chronicles, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Zen Pinball 3D.  And as always, you will get the latest in our obsession with the Uprising AR cards.

Starring – Tony, Shannon, Steve, Shelby
Run time – 1:43:52

If you want to get in touch with us, send an email to  You can also follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our YouTube channel and talk on our forums.  Hi, Shannon.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 112

This week’s show is top notch, folks.  Dare I say it’s the greatest podcast of all time?  I dare.  We talk a little more Uprising as well as a few news games for the crew; Skylanders, Radiant Historia, Metal Torrent and Skullgirls.  As you may expect, we continue to talk about AR cards ruining our lives as well as Capcpom’s lack of spelling.  Tony helps me with my confusion about Project Rainfall and Micah I go from talking about Brawl to having an actual brawl.  Then out of nowhere, Tony has a totally none-PG breakdown when he reads a quote wrong.  Stay tuned after the ending song for that clip.

Starring – Tony, Micah, Shannon, Shelby
Run time – 1:41:53

We want your emails, everybody.  Send them to and we will read them on the show.  You can follow our Twitter, join our Facebook group, subscribe to our YouTube channel and talk on our forums.  I say this every week but I don’t think anybody ever reads this part.  Here is the link for the Square Enix station we mentioned during the show.

Club Nintendo To Offer Kid Icarus AR Cards

April 3, 2012 1 comment

For those of you that missed out on the first run of the exclusive Club Nintendo AR Cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising and were jealous that European fans were getting booster packs of the cards, fear not! A customer service rep for Club Nintendo has confirmed that North American fans will be able to get the cards through Club Nintendo.

“Thank you for your feedback on the Club Nintendo services. I have forwarded your message to theappropriate department.

It is already our plan to release the cards on the Club Nintendo Rewards Program. When they well be available is still undecided but we are indeed working on it! “

I’ve got my three exclusive Club Nintendo cards, the Game Informer card and the April issue of Nintendo Power’s three cards. I’m glad I’ve saved up some of my Club Nintendo coins because I’ll be ordering these as soon as they’re available.  No details on when they’ll be available or how many coins it will cost.  250 coins wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Oh Sakurai, How You Tease

March 19, 2012 Leave a comment

As if I wasn’t already excited enough about Kid Icarus: Uprising releasing this week, (Yea the game is almost out and I’ll shut up about it soon.), Sakurai took to Twitter to post this image you see here.  It’s a booster pack of AR cards for the game, and it has a little bit of wording there at the bottom, “Pre-order special pack, 24 cards”.  This is coming from a Twitter account that has his name, but is also labeled as Nintendo of Europe.  Could this just be a pre-order bonus that Europeans will get, or does this possibly signal a pre-order bonus that will be waiting for us as well when we pick up the game on Friday?

Oh, how I hope that’s the case.  I’ll only have four AR Cards and there is some pretty cool stuff that the game uses them for.  Some of the early buzz is that these cards will also help unlock new weapons in the game.  You can get them through playing, or if you scan these cards the information will show up in your Kid Icarus Weapon Pokedex (my own term) in the game.

Free AR Cards For Kid Icarus: Uprising

March 13, 2012 2 comments

If you’re looking for ways to get your hands on some AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising then I’ve got a deal for you.  Nintendo is giving away three free cards through Club Nintendo.  I know it’s not as exciting as the 12 cards that Europe gets, but we get ours for free.  You just need to go to the official Kid Icarus page on Nintendo’s website and redeem them.  It’s that simple.  If you don’t have a Club Nintendo account now would be the perfect time to sign up for one.

And yes, I redeemed mine about five minutes after I find out about the offer.

Icarus AR Fights Are Pre-Determined

June 23, 2011 1 comment

One of the most exciting announcements from E3 wasn’t anything touted by Nintendo.  It was attached to the end of the Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer.  This was the announcement of the AR fights that use a new deck of AR cards created specifically for the game.  It looked like Nintendo was laying some groundwork for a new Trading Card style game that would really take advantage of the AR features of the 3DS.  Apparently those fights aren’t going to be as exciting as previously announced.

According to Silicon Era they asked a Nintendo rep about these battles because they were seeing the same results every time they tried a battle.  The rep confirmed that these battles aren’t random and that they are pre-determined so the outcome will be the same every time you set up a fight.

I was really hoping that you were going to be able to level up these characters and maybe use them to not only have the AR battles with the cards, but potentially use them to participate in StreetPass battles.  These cards are really cool looking so I’ll probably own them, but if this is true I’m a little less excited about them overall.


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