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Hyperkin To Test GCN Styled Pro Controller

Hyperkin Pro ControllerWhatever Hyperkin is doing right now they need to stop and go into full production of this controller right now. This is exactly the type of Pro Controller for Wii U I’ve been dying to have. I absolutely adore the GameCube Controller. I’ve routinely called it my favorite controller of all-time. Since the Wii U was first rumored people were making mock-ups of the controller and one that caught my eye was a white shelled controller with blue buttons that was designed exactly like the GameCube controller. I would buy this in a heartbeat and I’d get a “full” set of four just to have around.

This controller is going to be at EVO 2015. According to Hyperkin if the reaction is good they will move into full production. This is a fully wireless controller without the need for a dongle. It works exactly as a Pro Controller and is supported by every game that supports that input method. They have said that they will consider a wired verison and that they’ll be looking for player feedback while at EVO this year.

How much would you pay for such a beautiful controller? Well the projected price range is $30-40, which is about right for a Wii U Pro Controller and at least $20 less than a Dual Shock 4, for comparison.

Please, Hyperkin, whatever you do make this controller a reality.

NintendPals Episode 17: Tentacruel Is Rubbish

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This week on NintendPals, Myles and Nick are joined by friend of the show and game collection guru: Dave who talks with us about his experiences with gaming, his massive collection and why he only owns one Amiibo. The guys also discuss the latest news and releases from the world of Nintendo and chat about the best and worse movie tie-in games.

NintendPals Episode 16: The Pokemon Wonder Trade Game

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This week: Myles is back, Nick trades in a game because he played it to much, the latest news from the world of Nintendo, a brand new section all about Pokemon and a Disney top 5. Also find out what the NintendPals have been playing and what games they would love to see on the Virtual Console.

NintendPals Episode 14: I Went Really High At The End

Download Episode iTunes Link In this weeks episode, the NintendPals discuss the origins of the podcasts name. They also discuss the latest news such as; Nintendo’s latest free to play game, Iwata missing from E3 and of course what’s happening in the world of Amiibo. Also due to underwhelming demand, 5 Lives Remaining makes its come back.

NintendPals Episode 13: Thanks For All The Listens


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This week on NintendPals: We discuss the Splatoon Global Test Fire, the latest news about Nintendo’s mobile plans and the newest Amiibo’s that will no doubt be impossible to get. We also make our E3 predictions in a section that Myles manages to introduce in the least excited way possible.