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Nintendo Discontinues 8GB Wii U In Japan

Wii U

When it comes to the two Wii U SKU’s, it became clear early on that the 8GB model just wasn’t going to sell the way the 32GB model did. Besides the lack of storage, it also lacked several useful pieces of plastic and the digital deluxe program, the latter of which is no more.

Well, Nintendo is now discontinuing the 8GB White Wii U in Japan. However, they’re replacing it with a 32GB White Wii U which launches in June. There was talks about the 32GB White Wii U quite some time ago. It’s amazing that they haven’t done this sooner. You would think that in the first year they would have taken the 8GB model off the market and introduced a model with more storage. Anyways, the 8GB model had its run but it’s definitely time to replace it. Hopefully, we’ll see this have an impact on the sales.

Iwata Skipping E3 To Work On Other Parts Of The Business


E3 is shaping up to be a pretty big show. More companies will be having presentations. There’s rumored to be some big surprises coming from the console companies. Also the Nintendo World Championships is making its glorious return! E3 this year could possibly be bigger then ever before.

That said, one notable key player will be missing E3 this year. According to IGN, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata won’t be at E3 for a second year in a row. Last year he missed E3 do to illness. This year he’ll be in Japan working on other things. Here’s what Nintendo said:

Nintendo’s focus for E3 this year will be showcasing the many games we have coming for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Mr. Miyamoto and other members of our development team will be in Los Angeles to explain these games and the unique experiences that each offers. Mr. Iwata’s focus in this period will be on other areas of our business that require his presence in Japan.

We all know that Nintendo has had many new business ventures in recent times not to mention they’re working on the NX. However, I have a feeling that Iwata wouldn’t have skipped E3 this year if E3 wasn’t so successful for Nintendo last year. Either way, we won’t be effected much and if last year is anything to go by, letting the Treehouse do their thing will lead to an awesome show.

NintendPals Episode 14: I Went Really High At The End

Download Episode iTunes Link In this weeks episode, the NintendPals discuss the origins of the podcasts name. They also discuss the latest news such as; Nintendo’s latest free to play game, Iwata missing from E3 and of course what’s happening in the world of Amiibo. Also due to underwhelming demand, 5 Lives Remaining makes its come back.

Mega64 Helped Create Nintendo’s E3 Announcement Video Again This Year


Remember that really awesomely-ridiculous E3 event video that Nintendo put out two days ago? What if I told you, Mega64 helped work on that video, the same way they did last year? Well, according to Mega64, that’s exactly what happened. This could explain why both videos shared a similar style. Which video did you like more, last years or this years?

Square Enix Changes E3 Conference Time After Nintendo Announces E3 Plans

About 3 weeks ago, Square Enix announced they’d be holding an E3 press conference on June 16th at 9AM PDT.  Well, a couple days ago, Nintendo also announced their E3 digital event for June 16th at 9AM. You can kinda see how this can be a problem. Well, earlier today, Square Enix sent out a tweet saying they changed their time:

This definitely won’t help the press out much but at least the they’re trying to change their event time so viewers can tune into both. Now we get to watch both live(ish)!


Nintendo Helped With The Online In Xenoblade Chronicles X


Anybody who’s played Xenoblade Chronicles knows that the game is enormous. It’s one of the largest games that came out last generation across all systems. Well, when Monolith Soft announced that the sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles X, is 5 times bigger then its predecessor sitting at 400 SQ Kilometers (roughly 154.4 SQ Miles), we knew the game must be a massive undertaking.

Well in this weeks Famitsu, director Tetsuya Takahashi talked a little about the challenges about the game. While sheer size and it being the teams first HD game did come into factor, the biggest challenge they faced was actually debugging the game. To take it a step further, the online elements were initially a lot more basic and they ended up getting support from Nintendo to get the online where it is now. This is what Takahashi said:

We were able to implement online elements by cooperating with Nintendo and I’d like to use that feedback in making the next title. Originally we used very basic technology for online elements of this game. As I said in the beginning [of this interview], we decided not to use cutting edge technology. HD and online were new experiences for us and rushing has no use. It’s a bit similar to boxing: if you stand till the end, you will win. We faced the development with this in mind.

This could explain why the game has such strong Miiverse integration. Hopefully, us in the west will get the chance to try it out soon.