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NintendPals: Episode 35


It’s fairly quiet out on the old Nintendo news front at the moment but we pulled together the top stories from around the web as well as all the latest releases and charts. On the Top 5 this week we list our all time favourite games based on TV shows and also talk about some of the stinkers that have come out over the years. Continue reading NintendPals: Episode 35

NintendPals: Episode 34


(Sorry for the weird echo on Nick’s audio this week, it won’t happen again!)

This week we break down the Nintendo investors meeting that happened this week as well as discussing the latest sales figures from Saga and Amiibo, EAs thoughts in supporting Nintendo in the future and the latest releases and charts. We also give our Top 5 driving games too!!! Continue reading NintendPals: Episode 34

NintendPals: Episode 33


In this weeks episode of NintendPals we finally break and acknowledge the existence of other consoles mainly out of necessity since there’s not much happening in the world of Nintendo at the moment. We do go over all of the latest news and releases though and we give you two great Mario Maker levels to play we also list our top 5 games not on a Nintendo console. Continue reading NintendPals: Episode 33

NintendPals: Episode 32

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This week on the NintendPals, Myles and Nick reveal the latest developments in the ever increasingly interesting lives as well as what they’ve been playing (and selling) this week. All of the latest news is discussed, the best Mario Maker levels are talked about and we list what games we’d like to get creative with. Continue reading NintendPals: Episode 32

NintendPals: Episode 31

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This week the NintendPals chat about some new releases that they’ve spent some time with in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and LEGO: Dimensions. They also go through the latest news and releases and break down their top 5 gaming soundtracks as seen/heard on a Nintendo console. Continue reading NintendPals: Episode 31

Mario Maker Update Could Mean DLC

A new update for Super Mario Maker has been released. Version 1.10 which comes as a 223mb download doesn’t really say what it does other then adjustments that make for a more pleasant gaming experience. 

More interestingly, a data miner has been looking through the update files has apparently found some unused assets of the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 and the possibility of placing Bullet Bills without a launcher and the goomba boot being available in New Super Mario Bros. U leading many to believe that DLC may be a real possibility for Mario Maker in the future!