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Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Review (PS Vita)

OA CoverSince NIS America has brought yet another insanely niche JRPG to us here in the west, I thought it would be best to strap on my thickest pair of glasses and jump into it with a review. Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy! Continue reading Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Review (PS Vita)

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Review


Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is the first video game adaption on a dedicated gaming system of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan series. It’s developed by Spike Chunsoft and is being published by Atlus in the west. We learned not too long ago that the game was getting localized by Atlus. This of course is a pretty huge deal for anime enthusiasts and fans of the series. Likewise the move brings a mature series to the 3DS and gives the system a type of game not many developers are making for the system; that being a mature 3D action game with single player, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer.

The bulk of the gameplay stays true to the series with combat and much of the movement playing out in a fashion similar to web swinging in Spiderman. This happens through a body-harness-like suit called Omni-directional Mobility Gear or ODM Gear for short. It’s also known as Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear and Vertical Maneuvering Equipment though it’s only referred to as ODM gear in this game. Like the anime, ODM gear uses gas so you’ll need to keep an eye on your gas meter. When you get low, you’ll need to use a new Gas Cylinder otherwise you’ll be stuck on the ground and near useless.

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Bloo Kid 2 Review

Bloo Kid Logo

Bloo Kid 2 comes from German independent games developer, Winterworks, who have a growing library of games that have featured on various platforms such as smartphones, Steam and, for Bloo Kid 2, the Nintendo eShop. The company tends to favour 8 and 16 bit stylised games and from my experience with Bloo Kid 2, they’re pretty good at it.

Following on from his first (I’m assuming as I haven’t played it) action packed adventure, the protagonist, Bloo Kid, and his lady are taking a stroll with their baby, when a gargoyle like creature appears and swoops up Mrs. Kid and baby Kid. Then your adventure begins. That’s about as much story as you get in this retro-style, 2D platforming adventure; not that it’s a bad thing. It’s really no less story than you’d get in a Super Mario adventure. The opening intro really just serves to give your adventuring a purpose. Continue reading Bloo Kid 2 Review

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review (3DS)


Now I love me some strategy games, Disgaea, Tactics Ogre, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and many others, so when Tony came to me with a review code for Etrian Mystery Dungeon, I was excited to experience a fresh take on this style of game. Having never played an Etrian Odyssey or Mystery Dungeon game, I walked into this with very little idea of what to expect.

What You Need To Know

EMD is a collaboration title using the gameplay style of Spike Chunsoft’s Mystery Dungeon games with a coat of Etrian Odyssey paint to brighten things up. The game starts off by having you create a character and a guild for exploring the mysteriously changing dungeons around the town of Aslarga. The town serves as a strictly menu based point of operation for your guild where you can visit the inn, buy weapons, items and food, recruit new guild members, and speak to NPCs with the ultimate goal of preparing to leave town and explore the dungeons.

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Grim Fandango Remastered Review (Vita)

Grim Fandango 1

A couple of weeks ago, the only thing I knew about Grim Fandango was ‘Casablanca meets the Mexican Day of the Dead’. This classic 90’s point-and-click adventure has been remastered for the PS4 and Vita and I can’t wait to tell you how much fun I had with it!

What You Need To Know

In Grim Fandango you play as a Manny, a travel agent for the Department of Death who’s job is to escort recently departed souls from the Land of the Living to the Land of the Dead and decide which mode of transportation they have earned for their journey to the Ninth Underworld. Travel packages range from wandering through the Land of the Dead on foot to a ticket on the Number Nine, a train that takes you from the D.O.D. to the Ninth Underworld in a matter of minutes, the better your life, the better your package. After a string of awful clients, Manny discovers a terrible plot when he comes across Meche, a woman who lived a life full of charity and good deeds who’s only available package was to walk alone. The game follows Manny’s journey to find Meche and figure out what’s happening to all the tickets for the Number Nine. Continue reading Grim Fandango Remastered Review (Vita)

Citizens of Earth Review (3DS)

CoE LogoGood morning Mister Vice President, how did you sleep? What’s that, you had a nightmare about a cyborg barista…? You say he really tried to grind you into a double-shot espresso?!  No… I don’t think you’re crazy, I just think you need to lay off the Special Blend for a few days.

What You Need to Know

Citizens of Earth is an JRPG in the same vein of classics like Earthbound and Pokémon where you will traverse many environments recruiting and leveling party members as you fight your way through the story. You start the game as the newly elected Vice President of Earth waking up in your mom’s house the morning after the election. After walking out the front door, it is made apparent that something is wrong as your yard is flooded with violent protesters who start attacking. As the V.P. of Earth, it would be damaging to your political appearance to physically assault the citizens (no matter how justified it may be in self-defense) so your only solution is to recruit you mother and brother to do your dirty work as you sit back and delegate actions ‘Pokémon style’. After your first few minutes in the game, it is made clear that there’s more than just angry protesters on the loose and as the new V.P., it’s your duty to put an end to it. Continue reading Citizens of Earth Review (3DS)

Nihilumbra Review (Vita)

Nihilumbra Review

I have played a lot of platforming games over the years and most of them have been happy stories involving saving princesses or a magical land of some type. When I heard there was a platformer that was about saving yourself from a void of darkness I couldn’t say no to that. What I expected and what I experienced were two different things and I was not disappointed when I started playing Nihilumbra.

What You Need To Know

2015-01-23-181728Nihilumbra is puzzle platformer that tells the story about Born, a piece of the void that broke free. Born’s story is a struggle to remain free while avoiding the dark fate of the void. The main goal for Born is to escape from the void and avoid monsters it places in the way. Born isn’t capable of much from the start other than moving left, right, and jumping. Born will explore several unique environments and each environment will have a power to obtain that is related to that environment. The powers Born will find come in the form of colors that are used to paint the environment and changing the properties of the painted area. Continue reading Nihilumbra Review (Vita)