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Go Round – Strider II

Ninja skills are put to the test as we break out Strider II for the Genesis. So this game was released in this country as Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns. However, since Strider II is easier to say, we put that in the title. We kind of stink at this game so we don’t make it very far. What else is new?

Go Round – Mutant League Football

February 5, 2014 Leave a comment

This week we have our own Super Bowl as Peter and I go at each other’s throats in Mutant League Football for the Genesis. This one is a nail-biter as both teams have a solid defense with a not-so-solid offense. Who will win as these two giants battle it out in space? Watch and see on this week’s Go Round. Are you ready for a Go Round?!

Go Round – Weaponlord

December 11, 2013 Leave a comment

In a distant land, on a distant planet, in New Jersey, warriors gather to fight for the title of Weaponlord! As they battle, some burst into song while others teleport away in victory. Be careful they must, as the very ground they walk upon is deadly; killer sands, lethal jungles and a demon in a bubble bath. Behold, as we play Weaponlord for the Genesis of Sega.

Go Round – Puggsy

Soooo, yeah. We played this game and I just watched the video. I still don’t know what this game is all about. It’s weird. You play as Puggsy, I guess anyway. Maybe he is a Puggsy but his name is also Puggsy. Like Yoshi. I really don’t know. Decide for yourself at let me know.

Go Round – Jammit

September 25, 2013 Leave a comment

This week’s Go Round is Jammit for the Sega Genesis. Watch as Peter and Will play this bad game as I laugh hysterically. This is one of the better Go Rounds we’ve done it a while.

Project X Zone Review (3DS)

Project X Zone Logo

When Project X Zone was first announced I wasn’t sure what to expect. How were developers from three massive companies going to work together to build a game that made sense using characters from all of their various franchises. At the time I didn’t realize it had already been done before with Namco x Capcom. I would say I was cautiously optimistic about the game leading up to launch, but I can also say that it was well worth the wait.

What You Need to Know

Project X Zone is a turn based strategy game featuring characters from franchises owned by Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega. It features more than 200 characters from a number of different genre of game. All of them have been brought together in one massive collaboration. Movement is done on a grid and combat is done through a combination of menu based actions and button combinations.

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Project X Zone Makes Me Want to Spend Money

Project X Zone Roster

Project X Zone is one of those unlikely games that comes along only a few times in a generation, if ever. It brings a number of characters from a number of different franchises together into one package. This time Sega, Capcom and Namco Bandai have teamed up to let their rosters solve a mystery together. Banpresto and MonlithSoft are co-developers on this mashup of immense proportions.

First off, let me say that the game itself is really good. It’s a turn based tactical RPG similar to games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Advance Wars. You have a group of characters that you control and can move around freely on a grid. Come close to an enemy character and you can initiate a combat. There are dimensional rifts opening up in the worlds that these characters live in and they’re all being brought together in a fight of epic proportions. It’s not the game itself that I really want to talk about as I’ll be saving that for the review I’m working on. Rather I want to talk about what the game is doing to me.

I’m primarily a Nintendo player. Those are my main systems and the ones I buy on day one every time a new one comes out. I’ve owned other systems in the past and currently have a 360 sitting next to my Wii U on the entertainment center, as well as a PS2. Being a Nintendo owner I’m actually not familiar with a number of these characters.

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Go Round – Kid Chameleon

This week we play Kid Chameleon for the Genesis. We make about a dozen different references during this video, see if you can catch them all.

Stortzum’s Squawking Points: The Nintendo Third-Party Problem: Is It Us or Them?

Squawkin Points Logo

Nintendo fans have had a lot of bad run-ins with third-parties. A good portion of the time, the fault lies on both sides. The mantra that Nintendo consoles only benefit Nintendo and that Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games is a common one. Well, actually first it was Nintendo is too kiddy and family-oriented, and now it is this new one since arguments, like cavemen, needed to eventually evolve.

Fans have seen third-parties cancel games, release games with no marketing and missing features and then turn around and blame Nintendo fans for low sales, and we’ve seen promised exclusives get moved to other platforms. The latter really isn’t that bad, but when it comes just weeks before the intended release, Nintendo fans feel burned.

The most recent egregious thing to happen from a third-party is the Wii U port of Sniper Elite V2, created by Rebellion. According to various angry purchasers on Miiverse as well as this article on Nintendo Life, the game is completely missing the cooperative modes, the online multiplayer, and the online leaderboards that the other versions (which are cheaper and have been out for awhile) have had.

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Go Round – Alien 3

On this week’s Go Round, we are joined by a special guest, Thor the God Of Thunder. Or Rather, Thor the Dog Of Thunder. This whole thing would have been lame without him. Watch this week’s Go Round as Will, Peter and I play Alien 3 for the Genesis. As we play, Will and Peter’s dog tries to sabotage the video. Humor ensues.


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