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The Original Zelda’s Incredible Game Design

Zelda Title ScreenI’ve played every game released in the Zelda franchise with the exception of the CD-I games. I’m a huge fan of the series. I love the exploration aspects. The feeling of being a hero. The story. The depth of the world. It’s always had all the recipes of a game franchise that if you’ve played it you’re probably going to remember it for a long time. There are, of course, people that don’t particularly care for the series, but every game has those. My favorite game in the franchise has always been The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The Super Nintendo era was one of the best that we’ve ever seen in gaming and that game stands tall, at least in my mind, above everything else during that time. It was then that the franchise really took off for me.

I remember playing the original Legend of Zelda on the NES after my 10th birthday. March of 1990 was when I got my original NES and I got a copy of the game sometime around the next January. I vividly remember being allowed to stay home from my parent’s weekly bowling night and I spent the entire time playing the game. It’s also memorable in that I skipped watching the Super Bowl that night because I was playing the game and I never missed a Super Bowl. It was the first of the Buffalo Bills four consecutive Super Bowl losses, but I didn’t care. I was in Hyrule.

The original Legend of Zelda game, more than any other game in the series encourages exploration above just about everything else. Mr. Miyamoto has talked about being inspired by walks in the woods near his house. The game drops you into the world and just lets you do whatever you want. You’re the explorer. You make the decisions. Yes, there is an overall progression to the game. Yes, there are some things you can’t do before reaching a certain point. Most of the game is just left up to you to figure out. There are secrets everywhere. It rewards people who think outside of the box. You don’t even know how to get to the first dungeon in the game. You have to figure that out by exploring.

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NintendPals Podcast – Episode 10: Happy 10th Episode


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Myles and Nick have a huge announcement to kick off this very special 10th edition of the NintendPals podcast. After that, normal business resumes with a thin news week, chats about what we’ve been spending our time playing (Nick has added another retro console to his growing collection) and we run down our top games of 2014. Oh and we announce the winner of our League of Heroes competition.

Iwata Says Live Action Zelda Talk Incorrect

Live ZeldaLast month there was a report going around saying that Netflix and Nintendo were in talks for a live action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda that would appear on the streaming service. There has been no other whisperings of that deal in that time, but in a recent interview with Time magazine Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said those reports were “not based on correct information”.

Does this mean Zelda isn’t coming? No. He didn’t outright deny it, but as we know, even with Nintendo a denial doesn’t mean anything. They’ve pretty much straight up lied to everyone about plans before. Does this mean we’d see Zelda in another form or maybe even another show? It’s possible. Until Nintendo is ready to spill the beans we’re not going to have any reliable information.

I’m holding out hope for some show based on a Nintendo property and Zelda is one of the ones that would make the most sense. Until we hear something, though, consider it a thing that won’t happen.

Nintendo Sales Big in February

MajoraIf you’re looking for platforms on the rise you need look no further than Nintendo. The company had the best-selling hardware unit for the month in the Nintendo 3DS. According to the company they sold more than 395,000 units of the handheld. Most of those sales came from the New 3DS XL, which outsold its predecessor in its first month on the market by 130%. During the first two months of the year the 3DS has sold more than 90% more than the same period last year.

515,000 units sold means that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D was the best-selling piece of software for the month. Even Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sold well with Nintendo reporting the title having sold over 290,000 units both physically and digitally.

The Wii U is also selling well. Though they did not give specific numbers the company did say that the system has sold 20% more units this year than the same period last year. Smash Bros. and amiibo are also doing well having sold more than 1.5 million and 3.5 million units respectively.

Nintendo is hoping that this momentum can continue over the next few months with titles like Codename S.T.E.A.M. having just released and other like Mario Party 10, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Splatoon coming in the next few months.

Nintendo Download: February 12th, 2015

Skull KidThis week almost feels like the launch of a new system with the big retail titles coming out.  Oh, wait! There is a new system coming out.  We’ve got Majora’s Mask, Monster Hunter and a new Ace Combat game headlining the week in Nintendo’s eShop releases.  Head past the break for the full list.

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First Zelda Wii U Footage

Nintendo took the opportunity at the Video Game Awards last night to do something I don’t remember them doing before, premiere new information about some of their upcoming games. The first bit of information is about the new Zelda game for Wii U. First, let me say, it looks simply amazing. The world is beautiful, vibrant and full of stuff. At one point towards the end of this video Link comes across a pack of wild horses just running around in a field.

They start of the video showing off some of the height of the world and just let you take in Hyrule at sunset and it is gorgeous. They also showed off the new map navigation system that lets you set waypoints by simply tapping them on the map or highlighting them on screen. Link jumps off a cliff and uses the sail cloth from Skward Sword to get down to more level ground. Epona now also has some nice AI built in that lets you give navigation control over letting you engage fully in combat using the sword or by firing arrows from the back of the horse. While riding Aonuma jumped off Epona and Link went into a sort of bullet-time style slowdown that let him aim and fire arrows while jumping.

This footage is simply gorgeous and shows you just how beautiful the new Zelda world is going to be. It’s set to come out before the end of 2015.