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The Question Block – Episode 86

The time has come for men to be men and fish to be fish. A winner between Tony and I must be decided. however, another winner still remains to be chosen. Could a winner be you? Listen to the show, send in your answers ( and see if you win a digital copy of Pokemon X. You have a week from today to get your answers in for this show and the three previous episodes as well. Each correct answer gets you a raffle ticket in our prize drawing.

The Question Block – 86
Round 1 – Stealth Music
Round 2 – Excuse Me, Princess
Round 3 – This Year In Gaming History
Round 4 – Speed Tree or Not Speed Tree

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The Question Block – Episode 85

noqbBattle once again, Tony and I must, to determine who is the most smartest about… stuff. Question are fired and word bullets are dodged. Only one man can win. Whom will it be? What’s more important is your chance to win a digital download of Pokemon X for the 3DS. If you want to win, listen to the show and send your answers to You have until May 16th to get your answers in. Each correct answers gets you a ticket for the prize raffle.

The Question Block – 85
Round 1 – Rolling Music
Round 2 – The Bear Necessities
Round 3 – Waggle Time
Round 4 – Second Screens

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The Question Block – Episode 84

noqbWeek two of this Question Block run is here. Tony and I duke it out in a battle of minds to see who knows more than the other. What do we win? Nothing. However, if you want to win a digital copy of Pokemon X, you should listen to this show and send your answers to Each correct answer earns you one ticket in the raffle bucket. At the end of this run, we will draw a name and award the winner their prize. This week’s categories are as follows.

The Question Block – 84
Round 1 – Small Robot Music
Round 2 – Hot Garbage
Round 3 – All Aboard!
Round 4 – Know Your Chocobos

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The Question Block – Episode 83

noqbSeason four is coming at ya! Tony and I are here to put your knowledge of video game trivia to the test for fabulous prizes. All you need to do is listen to the show and send your answers to You have plenty of time to send in your answers as the deadline is 11:59 P.M. on May 16th. Each correct answer you submit gets you an entry for the prize raffle. Good luck.

The Question Block – 83
Round 1 – Giant Robot Music
Round 2 – Easter Eggs
Round 3 – I Put A Spell On You
Round 4 – Parodies

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The Question Block Live – Super! BitCon 2014

Here is the trivia show thing we did at Super! BitCon. A big thanks goes out to the S!BC dudes, Brandon and David, for inviting us to do this. Sadly, the gus that were recording the audio for us only recorded half of it. So we had the use the audio captured by the camera. It’s a little hard to hear but thanks to Will’s editing skills, it’s not hard to look at. Now everybody can see the fancy presentation Joe made.

The Question Block – Season 3 Winner

October 14, 2013 Leave a comment

noqbNow is the time. You could already be a winner. Listen to the mp3 below where we announce the winner. Thanks to everyone that sent in answers. We putting the show on the shelf for a few months, but don’t worry, it will be back soon enough.

The Question Block – Season 3 Winner

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The Question Block – Episode 82

noqbHere it is, folks. The last episode for this run of the show. With this episode comes four more chances to win our prize pack. Also, in case anyone cares, this is were Tony and I find out who’s the best (or equals). This show is filled with epic moments. You don’t want to miss it.

The Question Block – 82
Round 1 – Electricity, Electricity
Round 2 – Royal Treatment
Round 3 – Ape Escape
Round 4 – Lost In Translation

Don’t forget to send your answers in; You can also go back to the last few episodes (starting with 78) and answer those questions too. Get you answers sent in before October 11th. Oh yeah, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blah, blah, blah.

The Question Block – Episode 81

September 27, 2013 Leave a comment

noqbDo you ever get the itch to answer some video game trivia? Then you’ve come to the right place. Once again, Tony and I take to the air and ask everyone trivia. Get this, people. I get Tony to rhyme! I know, right! Listen! Now!

The Question Block – 81
Round 1 – Winter Music
Round 2 – Odd Man Out
Round 3 – Magic Rhymes
Round 4 – This Year In Gaming History

Don’t forget to send you answers to this show, and to episodes 78, 79 and 80, to You could win our prize pack for this season; Cloudberry Kingdom (a special Nintnedo Okie edition), Mutant Mudds Deluxe and Tangram Style for the 3DS. We also have the social networking thing going on at Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The Question Block – Episode 80

September 20, 2013 1 comment

noqbEpisode three of our five episode run is live and coming at you. As of the last episode, Tony and I are tied for correct answers but will we still be after this episode? More importantly, how many answers will you get correct? Listen to this episode and send your answers to You have until October 11th to submit your answers for a chance to win the prize pack we are giving away.

The Question Block – 80
Round 1 – Western Game Music
Round 2 – What’d You Pay For Those Shoes?
Round 3 – Pinball Wizard
Round 4 – Brick And Mortar

Don’t forget, send in answers! You could win free games. We also have a Twitter account, a Facebook group and a YouTube channel. I figured I would mention those too since this is the part where I plug stuff.

The Question Block – Episode 79

September 13, 2013 1 comment

noqbThe show rolls on with the second episode of this… block… I couldn’t think of any other word there. We throw some more trivia around this week as we travel to space and back. I hope y’all are keeping up with the show and getting your answers in. Keep in mind you have till October 11th to send your answers to us. And go back to episode 78 and answer those questions as well. Send your answers to for your chance to win the prize package of games we are giving away.

The Question Block – 79
Round 1 – NES Sports Music
Round 2 – Odd Man Out
Round 3 – Welcome Back To Space
Round 4 – Mario Kart

Feel free to send, not only your answers but your comments to You can also keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook. Check out YouTube for our videos as well.


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