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Nintendo of Europe Approached Criterion For F-Zero On Wii U


As we all know, Nintendo has a lot of Intellectual Property, however, not all of it is used as much as many fans would like. Much of this is due to the fact they have dedicated teams for specific series’ such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon but not for everything else. Also, some series’ are easier for Nintendo to approach as they play into their strengths. Others are a bit more tricky, with even Mr. Miyamoto not sure how to approach a revival for them.

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NintendPals Episode 19: Better Late Then Never

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Due to some technical difficulties this weeks episode is a bit late however it’s worth the wait as this week we try out a new slicker format to the show (don’t worry, WrestlePals is still there). We also chat about the news since E3 and our most anticipated games in a discussion that goes way, way off on a tangent.

Reggie Fils-Aime Says Nintendo Is Looking Aggressively At Getting More RPG’s On Wii U


In a recent interview with Kotaku, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Amie, closed with something that is quite interesting. Here’s what he said.

We’ve created quite a series of hits in the RPG area on our 3DS business. We think we can replicate that on the Wii U business. That’s something we’re looking aggressively at.

What does this means exactly? Who knows. However, hearing a comment like this one is a very good thing. I would love to have more RPG’s on the Wii U. The Gamepad really lends itself well to this genre.

Miyamoto Says Legend of Zelda Is Still Coming To Wii U


Since it was announced earlier this year that Legend of Zelda for Wii U wasn’t going to be at this years E3, people have been speculating that the game would move onto NX. During E3, with several expected Wii U titles being announced for 3DS instead, speculation has been going wild that Legend of Zelda and other Wii U developed titles are moving on to NX. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, this isn’t the case for Legend of Zelda. Here’s what he had to say.

We’re here to talk about Star Fox but Zelda is still coming to Wii U, so don’t worry about that.

My thing with E3 is that we always focus on what’s coming out in the immediate future. We have some really great Zelda footage and, at some point we will be showing that off, but not today.

This should put peoples fears to rest. Legend of Zelda is still coming to Wii U. We’ll be getting more information on it at a later date.

Star Fox Zero First Footage Shown


Nintendo started their Digital Event strong today with Star Fox blasting right out the gate. That’s right, we finally got to see the first footage for the new Star Fox after being teased for over a year. Named Star Fox Zero, the game will include the transformations from the cancelled Star Fox 2, the classic dog-fighting, and a gamepad cockpit view that also can be used for aiming your weapon.

We learned as the day went on that Star Fox Zero is not a remake or a sequel. It’s being co-developed by Platinum Games. There’s also a 2-player co-op mode. Unfortunately, Miyamoto stated there’s no online multiplayer.

So, we’re really prioritising getting this new game playing at 60 frames-per-second. In previous Star Fox games we had focused a lot on dogfighting, but here we’re really focused more the single-player experience. Of course, as we continue on and once people get a feeling for the game… as the process continues if we find that we do think it’d be really good we’ll definitely consider it, but right now we’re not.

Star Fox Zero is scheduled to launch this Holiday season.