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Go Round – The Matrix: Path of Neo

Something has changed in the Matrix, and I’m not just talking about the podcast feed. I mean like, the timeline of the movie is different in The Matrix: Path of Neo for the Xbox. Cody test his ability to be “The One” but all he really does is stumble around while we ridicule him. It’s funny. I think so anyway.

Go Round – Sneak King

Has hunger ever snuck up on you? Was it dressed as a creepy King? Prepare to relive that moment with this week’s Go Round of Sneak King on the Xbox 360; it’s a whopper. Cody takes the controller this time and he actually starts to get pretty good. He played this for an hour after the Go Round was over. He claimed he was going to beat it but he never got out of the lumber mill.

Go Round – Marvel Nemesis: Rise Of The Imperfects

February 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Nobody’s perfect. Especially the Imperfects as they fight against your favorite Marvel heroes in this week’s Go Round of Marvel Nemesis: Rise Of The Imperfects for the Xbox. We had a lot of fun playing this game in college. Several of us even went as far as to beat the game. We play the Xbox version here but this game came out for everything at the time; I beat the PS2 version. You could probably find a copy pretty easy if you wanted to.

Go Round – Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge

This week, Peter and I take to the skies in a motion-sickness-inducing Go Round of Crimson Skies for the Xbox.  Here are some questions we ask ourselves as we attempt to fly a plane. Where is the propeller?  Where is the ground?  Is that the ocean or the sky?  Should the plane be on fire?  Should Betty’s place be on fire?  Can I fly through those trees?  Where did that mountain go?  To get then answers you’ll have to watch.

Go Round: Fusion Frenzy

August 2, 2012 Leave a comment

The Xbox gets its turn on the Go Round this week with Fusion Frenzy.  The crew take this mini-game collection for a spin.  They yell at each other.  They yell at the TV and the announcer yells at them.  What can go wrong when you’ve got fake light cycles and you have to defend your hamburger against a bug invasion?  Why are there two parts to the Go Round this week?  You’ll have to watch to find out.

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 114

April 30, 2012 1 comment

Normally I write a whole thing here about the podcast.  Not today.  I got to be on a plane in a few hours and I want some sleep.  So how about you listen to the podcast and write in the comments what people should read before they download the show.

Starring – Tony, Micah, Shannon, Shelby
Run time – 1:31:00


RedLynx Audio Interview

March 25, 2012 2 comments

We have a great interview right here, folks.  This time Tony and I have a chat with RedLynx community manager, Daniel Nixon.  We had an absolute blast recording this one so I’m sure y’all will enjoy listening to it.  We ask Daniel about the development and community for MotoHeroz, what we can expect from the upcoming Trials Evolution and its achievements and we also ask about RedLynx’s future with the Wii U and 3DS.  Then at some point, Daniel and I turn on Tony and put him in his place.  Serves him right.  That Tony guy acts like he can do whatever he wants just because he hosts the show.

If you want to become a part of the RedLynx community, you can follow them on Twitter (@RedLynxGamer) or join their Facebook group right here.  You can keep an eye on all RedLynx has to announce by reading their blog (written by Daniel himself) and don’t forget to head over to their forums and discuss all the ways you think Altaïr could ride a motorcycle.  Thanks again to Daniel for taking the time to talk with us.

RedLynx Interview
Starring – Tony, Daniel, Shelby
Run time – 30:09

As always if you want more hijinx from us, you can listen to our weekly podcast.  We also have a forum, Twitter account, Facebook group and a YouTube channel.  All thanks to the internet.  Thank you, internet.

Dead Space 2 Review (360)

January 24, 2012 1 comment

After the achievement of Dead Space, I was curious to see where Visceral was going to take the franchise. Isaac Clark had escaped the Ishimura but may or may not have been eaten by his zombie girlfriend. After his silence in the first game, Isaac was now granted the power of speech. Since you can’t have Dead Space without hideous monsters it seems obvious the Necromorphs would once again be roaming the shadows. With the release of a couple animated features and some smaller games of varying quality I was concerned Dead Space 2 would not live up to the expectations I had for it. Then I played the game.

What You Need To Know
As previously stated, Isaac Clark is back but he didn’t get the hero’s welcome he deserved. Instead, he was committed to an insane asylum after his escape ship was discovered three years earlier prior to the start of DS2. Being the universe of Dead Space you know things have to go bad. The game begins with Isaac awakening to his worst nightmare, Nicole (his late girlfriend) haunting him about her death. Isaac fights the illusion, telling himself she isn’t real but his guilt seems to powerful for his will to overcome. After struggling with these visions, a heavily medicated Isaac is awoken rather quickly by a man claiming to be rescuing him. Before anything can be explained, Necromorphs have slaying your fallen savior and are now bearing down on you. Isaac once again has to escape the horrific monsters while trying to discover what has happened during the last three years. The problem is, everybody says they want to help him but he has no idea who he can trust. The controls have been altered slightly, adding options for your waypoint system and improved controls for zero gravity. Unfortunately you may have to fight some muscle memory with the reassigning of the face buttons. All of the classic guns return with the addition of a few new toys. The developers also added a multiplayer, versus mode to add to your fun after you complete the campaign. Read more…

Dead Space Review (360)

January 11, 2012 Leave a comment

I used to be a big baby when it came to playing survival horror games. By that I mean I didn’t play them because I was too scared. Thankfully I have gotten over that and can enjoy the genre for the very reason I used to avoid it. I’m not sure why but for some reason it is fun to be scared. I guess it probably taps into some psychological principal or something. I’m no psychologists, I’m just a dude. I have been aware of Dead Space since it was first announced years ago. I told Will about it since he is a bigger Resident Evil fan than myself. That Halloween, I watched him play several hours of the game. I actually started playing it for myself a few months after that but stopped at the four hour mark. Now, years later, I finally put the game in my 360 and played it from start to finish. Review time is now.

What You Need To Know
As you probably already know if you read the previous paragraph, Dead Space is a survival horror game. The gameplay is a balance between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. There are moments of action but not so much that you lose the sense of being isolated and scared. You play as Isaac Clark, an engineer sent to repair the Planet Cracker class spaceship Ishimura. Communication had been lost with the Ishimura shortly after it started mining a desolate planet of its resources. As the story has to go because it’s a video game, Clark and his team nearly die as they crash into the Ishimura due to a malfunction of their own. Soon after crashing, Clark and the others learn the ship has been taken over by disfigured monsters called Necromorphs. These creatures are able to reanimate dead tissue, basically creating space zombies out of the former Ishimura crew. Isaac is most concerned about his girlfriend, Nicole, as she is a crew member of the Ishimura. You job is to help Isaac fight the Necromorphs, find Nicole and escape the Ishimura alive. And trust me, there are monsters around every corner.

Spooky Environment
The developers did a great job of creating a spooky atmosphere; a task that even eludes some Hollywood directors. Isaac is surrounded by a cold metal spaceship filled with darkness. This setting allows them to make you feel alone with the opportunity for monsters to come from any direction. If we are allowing Wuhu Island as a character Read more…

Batman Can’t Save The 360

November 16, 2011 1 comment

Just like Jason Todd. HAHA But seriously, folks. I haven’t played Arkham City yet. Heck, I haven’t played Arkham Asylum. And I have the nerve to call myself a Batman fan. Once I finally do get around to controlling The Bat, I plan on doing in on my PS3. I imagine there are several 360 players who wish they made that same decision. Apparently, save files for the Xbox version of Arkham City have the pesky habit of breaking. Warner Brothers has openly admitted there is a problem and they are asking for help. They want anyone that has experienced a save file problem to answer a few questions and send the response to support@wbgames. The questions are as follows:

1. What version of the Xbox 360 hardware are you are experiencing the “disappearing save files” issue on? What storage method are you using to save your Batman: Arkham City game files to (i.e. Xbox 360 hard drive, Xbox 360 memory unit, USB drive)?

2. What version of the Xbox 360 system software do you have on your machine?

3. Are you running a beta version of the forthcoming Xbox 360 “Holiday 2011” system update? Read more…

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