Vanquish On PC Is The Definitive Way To Play

Vanquish was originally released in October 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, doing what Platinum does best and infuses over the top crazy action with the third person genre, which by then has become tried and true with its corridor waist high cover based shooting. The fast paced, high octane, time slowing action brings something innovated to the Third person shooter genre. Along with its visual design and boss fights, Vanquish garnered much praises. Continue reading “Vanquish On PC Is The Definitive Way To Play”

Newest Harvest Moon Is A Great Intro For Young Players

Longtime fans of Harvest Moon aren’t really going to be that excited about the most recent release in the franchise, Harvest Moon: Lil’ Farmers. The thing is, they’re not really supposed to. It’s not meant for them. It’s meant for, as the title suggests, younger players. My kids, for example. My two youngest are four and five years old. They wouldn’t really begin to be able to play a traditional Harvest Moon game like their older sister does. They enjoy watching her play on PS4, but they can’t really read yet. It’s kinda hard to play those games if you can’t read. Continue reading “Newest Harvest Moon Is A Great Intro For Young Players”

Astro Duel Coming to Switch Next Week

The Switch continues to build it’s already growing lineup of games. One way that this is happening is through independent developers releasing their games on the system. One game like this will be released next week on May 30th. It’s called Astro Duel Deluxe and it’s definitely a throwback to classic games like Asteroids, but with a twist. You and up to five of your … Continue reading Astro Duel Coming to Switch Next Week

Global TestPunch Times Announced

Last week during their Direct presentation for ARMS Nintendo announced that there would be an online demo/beta for the game.  They announced the dates, but at the time did not announce when on those days the servers would be available to play.  Today that information has been divulged. Here in North America you’ll be able to try out ARMS for yourself during the following times: … Continue reading Global TestPunch Times Announced

Precision Platformer, Splasher, Coming To Switch

Do you like pixel perfect platforming that borders right on the edge of chaos where you could die at any moment? Yeah? You’ll want to check out this game coming to Switch later this year. It’s called Splasher and it’s brought to you by Splashteam, a group headed up by former Ubisoft Game Designer Romain Claude. The game is similar to games like Super Meat … Continue reading Precision Platformer, Splasher, Coming To Switch

Arms Focused Direct Coming on May 17th

Nintendo has just announced a new Nintendo Direct that is focused on details about the upcoming fighter, ARMS, happening on May 17th.  You can tune in at 5:00pm CST to see the video.  They say they’ll also be showing off a new trailer for Splatoon 2 during the event. You can see the video as it airs by going to  It will also be available … Continue reading Arms Focused Direct Coming on May 17th

Switch To Get Its First Harvest Moon Title

Natsume is celebrating 20 years of the Harvest Moon series this year and there have been three games already released so far. Two previous games have been released for the PS4 (A Wonderful Life – Special Edition and Save the Homeland) as well as a re-release of Harvest Moon 64 for the Wii U. Today Natsume announced that a new game will be heading to … Continue reading Switch To Get Its First Harvest Moon Title

Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 363

This week everyone plays Mario Kart and there is no real news or emails. So we talk about weasels for a while. episode-363 Starring – Tony, Shannon, Shelby Run time – 1:15:34 We didn’t have any emails this week. That makes me sad. How about we have twice as many emails next week? Send them to You too can be a fool and use … Continue reading Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 363

Persona 5 Review (PS3 & PS4)

Think back to the long lost year of 2013. It was a simpler time, when man could walk the streets without fear of dragons falling from the heavens and One Punch Man wasn’t massively popular in the west yet. One day Atlus appeared before mankind and gifted him a trailer that showed chairs tethered with balls and chains and liberal use of the color red. The video ended with a line of text that read Persona 5 Winter 2014 for PS3. Mankind went wild with excitement and praise for the gift bestowed upon them by the Atlus overlords and for a brief moment all was right with the world until man realized the newest console on the market was Playstation 4. After some time the God Emperors of Atlus decided time was on their side and worked tirelessly to present Persona 5 to man for the PS4, thus adding an extra layer of polish. And after a series of events, Persona 5 was placed in the hands of man in Japan and months later… the rest of the world. Continue reading “Persona 5 Review (PS3 & PS4)”