Weekly Poll Results

Well, the results are in and it’s interesting. Last week’s poll question was “Which version of the DS do you use?” and we got the most responses so far, which is exciting to me because it means people are visiting the site. I hope you guys enjoy the content I put out.

Anyway, apparently no one uses a DS Phat in the Nintendo Okie community. As no one responded to that.

42% of you (3 votes) use the DS Lite.

42% of you (3 votes) have a DSi

16% of you (1 vote) don’t have a DS.

At my house currently we have 2 DS Phats and a DS Lite. Granted only the DS Lite actually works as a DS. One DS Phat has a broken cartridge slot, but will still play GBA games and that’s what it gets used for. I have not had the ability to get a DSi, though I really want one.

I’m curious to know why you have the DS you do? What prompted the upgrade to the DSi from the DS Lite and if you are using a DS Lite what is holding you back from upgrading? Let us know in the comments.

This week’s poll is a bit of a selfish one as we want to know how often you visit Nintendo Okie.  Click on over there and let us know. 

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  1. The DS Lite has been more than enough to satisfy my need for portable gaming.. actually it's mostly used for playing when I'm too lazy to boot up the old PC (since I commute by bike and can't really play videogames and avoid cars at the same time). These days I mostly play homebrews anyway, so I really don't see what the DSi can offer me.

  2. I got my two little brothers each a DSi for Christmas this year (they don't have them yet).

    I picked the DSi over the DS Lite because most games in the stores are for the DS not Game Boy Advance. I know however they will not be able to play games like Guitar Hero DS without the Advance slot.

    What do they get in return?
    They get better portable Internet access. Also the get the ability to download DSiWare. I will admit that there is not very many good games on DSiWare yet but hopefully it will.

    Who knows maybe even Mikhail Akopyan and the rest of the PressPlay team will make something just as imaginative and utilize the DSi's unique capabilities like they are with the WiiWare Max and the Magic Marker. (Currently DSiWare is filled with mini retail games but there are a few good ones for it)

    Another trade off of getting the DSi vs DS Lite is there will soon be DSi exclusive cart games.

  3. After my hands on time with Max I would love to see something like that on DSiWare. Granted, right now I would not get to play it, but it would be a huge game on that service.

    It simply comes down to cost for me right now. i don't have the money to buy a DSi, but would love to have one.

    There are already games on there I would really enjoy. Right now I'm "stuck" playing Scribblenauts. Life is so hard…[=^)

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