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Top 20 WiiWare Titles (4/2/10)

Howdy everybody. A while back we were keeping track of the top 20 games on the WiiWare service and for a while I quit doing it because I didn’t want to include demos on the list. Because they were part of the WiiWare section and not seperate they were taking up the top 5 slots in the list and skewing the results a bit. Now that they are no longer included in that list we will be once again showing you the Top 20 WiiWare titles each Friday. We’ll give you a little bit of commentary and show you how they compare to the previous week on the list.

  1. Cave Story   Nicalis
  2. Mega Man 10 Capcom
  3. Frogger Returns Konami
  4. Pokemon Rumble Nintendo
  5. WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase Nintendo
  6. Family Go-Kart Racing Aksys Games
  7. Rage of the Gladiator Ghostfire Games
  8. Triple Shot Sports Code Monkeys
  9. Tetris Party Tetris Online
  10. “Aha! I Found It!” Hidden Object Game Ateam
  11. Dr. Mario Online Rx Nintendo
  12. My Pokemon Ranch Nintendo
  13. Reel Fishing Challenge Natsume
  14. Max & The Magic Marker Press Play
  15. Uno Gameloft
  16. Excitebike: World Rally Nintendo
  17. My Aquarium Hudson Entertainment
  18. World of Goo 2D Boy
  19. GhostSlayer Gevo Entertainment
  20. Dart Rage JV Games

Cave Story came out this week and within just a day or two it had shot up to the top spot on the list toppling Mega Man 10 from the perch it had held for a couple weeks. Both games are very clearly deserving of being as high on this list as they are. They’re also both classic examples of what retro gaming is all about. They take something old, put a bit of a twist on it and make it something new.

World of Goo has been surprisingly resiliant staying on this list for a very long time. There was a period of time where it had fallen off, but somehow it’s gained its momentum back and is holding strong on the top 20 seller list.

The one surprising member of this list is Family Go-Kart Racing. The Family series has a number of titles under its belt and none of them have been stellar examples of the genre they portray. The one thing I do see that I find very interesting as well is the resiliency of Pokemon Ranch. This was a launch title for the service back in May of 2008. That just shows you the power of the Pokemon franchise with two titles in the top 20.

There you have it. The first of the Top 20 lists going forward. Starting next week you’ll be able to see how they rise and fall through the ranks with colorful numbers showing positive and negative movement. Until then, have fun playing those downloadable titles.

Source:  Wii Shop Channel

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  1. Rage should be one spot higher than it is and Max should be three. There are three games on the list above them that I don’t think really belong there. Other than that I don’t know. I think they’re pretty good.

    You can expect to see the top 20 list show up every Friday. I really like seeing how the games move and when I was originally doing the lists I had an excel spreadsheet tracking the movement and a line graph showing how they all moved up and down. I’ll probably continue that this time. I don’t know that I’ll ever post it, but we’ll see.

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