We’re Hiring

Nintendo Okie is looking for a few good writers.  Things have gotten to the point where we can’t do everything we need to do without help.  That’s where you come in.  Are you interested in writing about video games?  Do you want to let the world know what you think on a weekly basis?  Do you live on planet Earth?  Then we’re looking for you.

We’re looking for writers, video editors and web designers.  These positions are not for pay.  Nintendo Okie has been a labor of love for the staff.  We do this because we love telling people about games.  We don’t make any money on what we do and because of that all of our positions are not for pay.  We’re looking for people to fill the following positions.

News Editor

Do you have passion about posting the news?  You would be responsible for updating the site daily with original news stories.  You will be responsible for keeping up with the news that’s happening around the gaming world and writing up stories based on press releases.  There is no limit to the amount of news that we post on a daily basis, but on average we run between three and five original news posts. 

Job Requirements

  • The ability to operate a computer.
  • The ability to re-write press releases into a news story.
  • The ability to find news stories on your own.
  • If asked, the ability to cover a news story to the best of your ability. 

Media Editor

This person would be responsible for helping out our current Media Editor-in-Chief with putting together video and audio content.  Helping to piece together video reviews, editing podcasts and keeping up with all the video content being released from publishers will be part of your responsibilities.

Job Requirements

  • The ability to operate video/photo editing software.
  • The ability to create graphics customized for the site.
  • The ability to use editing software to put together video reviews, edit podcasts or create original video content as needed by yourself or our editors.

Review/Editorial Writer

We’re always looking for people who want to tell the world about video games.  Many times this comes in the form of game reviews.  We’re currently experiencing a heavy load of games that need to be reviewed and need help in getting this content out to our readers.  Developers and publishers are always looking for honest reviews and this helps drive site traffic meaning more opportunities for us to get content to post.  Game reviewers would be responsible for playing through and writing about new game releases. 

Job Requirements

  • Reliability
  • The ability to complete video games and write objective reviews about them.
  • The desire to let the world know your opinions on matters concerning the world of gaming. 

International Writer

Video games are a global hobby.  Every country in the world has people who love them.  If you live outside of the United States and are interested in helping to keep up with the news in your part of the world we want to talk to you. 

All of these positions have the ability to do editorial content.  This falls in the realm of opinion and everyone has those.  It’s your chance to let people know how you feel about certain topics.  Each of our staff members currently has at least one editorial that they write on a weekly basis and that helps readers learn about each of us and sparks conversation in our community.  The video game community is like a large family that will bicker from time to time, but ultimately they just want to get people interested in video games.  Editorials are our way of letting readers know where we stand.  Any of our staff members has the opportunity to write whatever they feel like.  There is no agenda that we’re trying to push.  All of our writers are individuals and have their own opinions.  If you want to express yours, now is the time.

Are you interested in one of these positions?  If so send an email to jobs@nintendo-okie.com.  If you are applying for a writing position please provide two samples of your work.  This can be a sample game review or an editorial piece you have written.  If you are applying for a media job please provide a copy of a video or podcast you have edited.  This can be in the form of an mp3 or a link to a video that you have done.  All applications will be reviewed by our staff and considered for a position at Nintendo Okie.  You do not have to live in the state of Oklahoma to apply.  Any person living on planet Earth is eligible, as long as you are a fan of video games and love to tell the world about them. 

Legal Disclaimer Stuff

1.  All applicants SHOULD be 18 years old, or older.  This is because of the possible opportunities to get invites to publisher sponsored events where legal requirements merit an age limit.  Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to attend events on behalf of Nintendo Okie where there is an age limit.

2.  You need access to your own computer, Wii, DS and a passion for games.

3.  Any new applicants will be subject to a 60 day trial period, during which at any point your services could be terminated.  After the 60 day period if you are interested and you mesh well with the staff you will be hired on a permanent basis.

4.  This is a NOT FOR PAY job.  We do not have a budget or salary at Nintendo Okie. 

5.  You must provide your own video game systems.  Nintendo Okie does not provide these for new applicants.  We do, on occasion, receive copies of video games from developers and publishers.  If you are assigned one of these games you will be allowed to keep it after the review period, unless specified by the publisher.  We do also, occasionally, receive invites to special events.  Nintendo Okie does not provide travel or budget expenses to these events.  Unless provided by the publisher this will need to be on your own dime. 

6.  We do this because we enjoy video games.  More than anything else you need to do this because you want to have fun. 

If you apply please provide the following information. 

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location (City, State or Province and Country)
  • The position you’re applying for
  • Unless stated otherwise, a sample review and/or preview of a game(s) of your choice following the respective format of those stories on Nintendo Okie. Be sure to note all sources used for reference.
  • Additional requirements as listed per position above.

2 thoughts on “We’re Hiring

  1. * Name : Alex Paul McFadden
    * Age : 23
    * Location : Webster, MA
    * The position you’re applying for : News Editor
    * Unless stated otherwise, a sample review and/or preview of a game(s) of your choice following the respective format of those stories on Nintendo Okie. Be sure to note all sources used for reference.
    * Additional requirements as listed per position above.

    Just as a side note, I love writing about video games. I have been doing it for quite some time, including my local college newspaper. I have wrote several stories and I am willing to provide some samples if needed. Thank you!

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