Swords & Soldiers Takes the Battle to PSN

Swords & Soldiers was a WiiWare title released by Dutch Studio Ronimo Games in 2009.  The game was essentially a side scrolling real time strategy and it was a great game.  One of the best games for 2009 on the service.  It has been announced that the game is jumping ship from WiiWare and heading over to Playstation Network.  In the process it’s getting a bit of a graphical update and some new features, most notably online play.  That was a feature that was absent from the WiiWare version of the game, and while it didn’t suffer from the lack of online play it would have been great to see that feature implemented. 

I’ve talked with one of the developers of Swords and he said that they’d love to do a sequel to the game, but it depends on how well the game sells on PSN.  They’ve got ideas that they’d love to see go into a sequel.  Any new entries into the series would, more than likely, be multi-platform, but I want to see it happen.  If you haven’t checked out Swords & Soldiers you owe it to yourself to do so, whether on WiiWare of PSN.  It’s a great game, with a lot of character and it’s a blast to play.  You can check out our review of the game here.  You can download the game on WiiWare today and will be able to pick it up if you’re a Playstation owner very soon.

Source: Joystiq

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