Catch ‘Em All Over Again

In the past, I have expressed my concern about there being too many Pokémon.  Little did I know how right I was.  Junichi Masuda, a developer at Game Freak, has stated on his blog that Black and White will have nothing but new Pokémon.  His reasoning behind this choice is that they want to add some new life into the game since they have been fairly repetitive over the last few iterations.  Also, they want all players to have the same feeling of playing with all new Pocket Monsters. 

We knew Nintendo would add a few new Pokémon with this game.  They usually add around 100 or so but all new is really surprising to me.  I am going to guess we will see about 230 new Pikachu’s.  There is always a chance that this is all some sort of translation error.  I really need to learn Japanese.

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