Metroid Week

Metroid Week: Day 1 – Chronology

Metroid Manga – On a mining planet K-2L, a pair of bird like beings known as Chozo negotiate an exchange for Afloraltite, a potent ore used to power space ships.  However, due to strict Galactic Federation policy, the leader of the mining operations, Rodney Aran, forbids the trade.  During negotiations, Rodney’s three year old daughter, Samus Aran, befriends the Chozo before they depart.  Tracking the Chozo’s movements is a band of Space Pirates led by Ridley.  After the pirates detect the presence of Afloraltite on the planet, they launch a merciless attack on the colony.   Hearing the sounds of the battle, Samus searches for her parents only to find the leader of the attack, Ridley.  At first little Samus was scared, but learning from the Chozo she had met earlier, she tries to make friends with the savage beast.  The pirate turns to slaughter Samus but at the last moment Samus’ mother, Virginia, sacrifices herself to save her daughter.  Before Ridley can refocus his attack toward Samus, he is engulfed in flames by and explosion caused by Rodney Aran to prevent the Space Pirates from stealing the precious fuel source.  The explosion cost Rod his life.  The two Chozo return to K-2L after detecting a distress beacon and find the sole survivor of the attack, Samus.

The Chozo take the child to their home planet, Zebes.  There they confront this decision with their bioengineered computer, Mother Brain.  The three know that a human will not be able to survive the harsh habitat of Zebes for long.  So they infuse her young body with Chozo DNA, making her stronger, faster and more agile than normal humans.  The Chozo then award her a suit of cybernetic armor and train her to use it in hopes that she will become a great warrior and help achieve the Chozo’s ultimate goal, galactic peace.  However, the Chozo are also creating another biological oddity, the Metroid.  In response to the dangers of a parasite found on SR388, the Chozo are hard at work to create an organism that feeds off of the dangerous parasite’s life force in hopes of destroying.

After many years of training, Samus proves that she is ready to find her own place in the universe.   She leaves Zebes and joins the Galactic Federation Police, quickly climbing the ranks and assigned to a small, special operations team.  It is with her team that she and her two teammates stop a band of Space Pirates from enslaving the population of the planet Jigrad.  A high ranking officer of the Galactic Federation, Adam Malcovich, takes notice of Samus and her team and requests that they help in the interrogation of the captured pirate leader.  The pirate reveals that his whole operation was a distraction from the Space Pirates true objective, planet Zebes.  Despite orders or jurisdiction, Samus immediately rushes to save her home planet.  Before she can depart, she is confronted by Adam who surprisingly grants her 48 hours to save her adopted race before the Federation moves in to wage war against the Space Pirates.

Upon returning to Zebes, Samus learns that Mother Brain and one of her Chozodian fathers have betrayed their brethren by allying with the Pirates.  While pleading with the traitors, Ridley and Samus meet for the first time since the attack on K-2L.  This confrontation causes repressed emotions inside Samus to surface and she suffers a case of post-traumatic stress disorder years in the making.  Her squad members then launch a sneak attack that distracts the Pirates long enough for them to rescue the captured Chozo and Samus.  But instead of being greeted by a smile from their comrade, Samus instead pleads for her friends to kill her.  The Chozo elders, seeing how they have been blind to the stress they have placed on Samus, work together to allow her suppressed emotions to be released.  Samus returns to her senses and learns that her Chozodian father did not betray his race but instead is fooling the Space Pirates so he can hopefully deactivate the rogue Mother Brain.  Samus, her teammates and the elders escapes from planet Zebes just as Galactic Federation forces arrive.  The battle is lost by the Pirates but due to the fortress like nature of Zebes, a small number of Space Pirates and Mother Brain remain on the planet.

Years pass and the Space Pirates numbers increase.  They once again begin attacking Federation convoys and leaving a wake of destruction wherever they go.   The Pirates have also captured the Metroids and plan to use them to spread their dominance.  Fearing for the galaxy the GF makes assaults on the planet Zebes with no success.  They decide to send in Samus Aran, who has left the Federation and now fights as a bounty hunter.  They order Samus to eradicate all Metroids and destroy the once peaceful Mother Brain.

Metroid manga, Volume 1

Metroid manga, Volume 2

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