Shaun White Skateboarding Contest

Alrighty everyone.  I told you it was coming and I wasn’t lying.  We’ve been contacted by the folks at Invoke Media who want to team up with us to give away a copy of Shaun White Skateboarding for the Xbox 360.  This game is the newest competitor to the throne of extreme sports and is looking to take down Tony Hawk and Skate.  According to our review, they’re off to a good start, but they’ve got some catching up to do.

If you want to find out for yourself, all you have to do is watch the four videos we’ve posted here where some real skaters have tried their hand at transforming the world through the power of skate, sometimes with very painful results.  Then leave us a comment letting us know what building or landmark you’d transform if you had the power that Shaun has in the game.  It can be any building anywhere in the world, or any landmark, no matter how big or how small.  If you want to get really creative tell us how you’d transform it as well.

Wall Transformation:

Terrain Transformation:

Rail Extension:

Building Transformation:

The contest will run through this Friday, December 3rd, when we’ll randomly draw one person who’s entered the contest.  We’ll even give you multiple chances to win.  If you come back every day and tell us a different place to transform you’ll get another entry into the contest.  You can enter once per day until Friday.  If you’ve got a Twitter account you can help spread the word there by tweeting the following phrase: “I want a copy of @ShaunWhiteGame and @Nintendo_Okie can help.”  One tweet per day will get you an additional entry into the contest.

We’ll be announcing the winner at 6:00pm CST on Friday, December 3rd and contacting the winner then.  You need to live in North America in order to win.  Good luck, and spread the word.

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  1. I would make a long jump ramp off of local landmark Mt. Rushmore. You’d jump off the top of their heads where you could then make a half-pipe appear for you to land in.

  2. The third landmark ( I won’t call it my own, this was my son’s idea again) we came up with was a giant bowl that goes around the Statue of Liberty. You could jump off the crown, invert into the bowl and come up so high that you can hand plant on the torch.

  3. I’m staying local for my final landmark dream park; and this one’s set in Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. I’d create a gigantic and eclectic pool inside the dormant volcano.

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