Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips Review (PC)

I really liked the first Airport Mania when it was released on the PC. It ended up occupying a lot more of my time than I thought I would. I played through it and then went back to 3 Star all of the levels that I didn’t do so on the first time through. Then the WiiWare game came out and it took up a lot more of my time. I did the same thing on that game that I did on the PC and 3 Starred all of the levels, got all the trophies with one exception. It’s safe to say that Airport Mania and Plants vs. Zombies took up a lot of my gaming time over the last few months.

What You Need To Know

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips is, as the name implies, the second game in the Airport Mania franchise. Like the first game you’re taking on the role of an air traffic controller. You have to land planes, unload passengers (or cargo), refuel, repair and reload the planes before sending them back into the air for their next flight. Levels begin easily enough, but as you progress different types of planes require different needs, time and patience. You have to manage those properly in order to achieve the highest score possible.

Great Gameplay Improved

Airport Mania: First Flight was a hectic game in its own right. Managing the different types of planes and their needs along with all the bonus stuff you could do in a level really required great planning and patience.  Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips builds on that formula requiring you to do all of the things you did in the first game with some additions. Now not only are you refueling and repairing, but you also need to load additional cargo into some planes adding a whole other step to the process. The already solid formula remains in tact, but the small additions made to the game make it feel so much better and it almost seems weird that it wasn’t a part of the first game.

Also added to the game are more things that can be done in the background of the level while you’re also trying to manage the airplanes and their mood. Before you could do things like find hidden messages in the environment or keep a hot air balloon on the screen by clicking on it to make it change directions. Now you’ve also got other things going on like the need to rescue a rabbit from an eagle or save a boat in the ocean from being destroyed by a Kraken. They’re not necessary parts of the game, but add just enough to break up the gameplay and make it feel fresh.

Whimsical, Entertaining Environments

As mentioned there are more things to do in the environment and there are new environments some realistic, some more fantastical. No longer are you going from boring airport to airport managing planes. Now you’ll go from an airport to landing planes in a harbor. From there you’ll go to the North Pole and the plains of Africa. Once you’ve left there it’s off to a flying airport landing military aircraft and finally you’ll end up landing spacecraft on the moon.

All of these environments are accompanied by appropriate musical numbers and objects in the environment. Everything is bright, colorful and cute. Even high tech military planes look adorable when they’ve got giant eyes and cartoonish military headgear.

If you don’t mind shelling out a few more dollars pick up the Special Edition. It adds 16 more levels to the game’s standard 99 and those levels take place on MARS.

Even More Rewards

Lots of people love achievements and Airport Mania 2 has an abundance of them. The amount of rewards you can earn in this game is nearly doubled from the previous outing. There are trophies for landing all of the different aircraft, of which there are nearly three dozen types. Each of the bonus background elements will earn medals that are added to your trophy room. For those who like to share their accomplishments you can even take a picture that you can share with friends.


Airport Mania 2 takes everything that was great about the first game and builds on top of that. Even with all of the different things going on it never gets too overwhelming. If the background fun takes your focus away from the main objectives they can be ignored with no penalty, but you’ll want to do those because they’re so much fun. For the perfectionists out there they’ve even added a fourth star to each level that can be unlocked after completing all of the levels in an airport. Once again fans of the genre will have no reason to avoid this game. It’s fun. Lots of fun.

Final Score: 5/5 Excellent

Review copy of the game was provided by Reflexive Entertainment
Completed all of the levels in the game earning 3 stars on all.
Total Play Time: 10 hours

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