Friend Code Exchange (3DS)

I know Gaz now has his 3DS in his hands and we’re only a few short hours away from having them here in North America.  So let’s build that Nintendo Okie Community and leave our friend codes here for everyone to share.  When you get yours come here and leave a comment with your friend code.  Add anyone you want, but make sure you leave a comment saying who you’ve added so we know to add each other.  We’ll build this list here and leave it on the sidebar of the site for a while.

As soon as I get mine I’ll come back and update it.  I’ll also try to keep the list updated here in the text so that you won’t have to scroll through comments to find them all.

Tony: 0473-7767-8579
Gaz:  4553-9948-5652

These are the three people I know who’ve said that they’ll be picking up systems on launch day.  As more come in they’ll be added here as well.  In addition to Friend Codes if you want to have your QR Code posted here so people can download your Mii we can add those as well.  I’ve added a Reggie QR Code in the comments so make sure you get your official Reggie Mii for the 3DS.

I’m going to add all of the people below that have added their code so you don’t have to scroll through all of the comments to find the Friend Code’s. Make sure, though, that if you add codes to leave messages letting people know. If you need your code added to this list let me know that as well and I’ll add it.

Ryan: 4725-7947-5127
Cosmo: 3394-3554-1721
Missa: 4296-2989-0442
Keith: 2964-8577-6126
BranMuffin: 0087-2313-5434
Billy: 0602-6269-7050
Artix: 1848-1671-7218
Nick: 0001-3343-3501
Niina: 2535-3660-8773
MRG: 4940-5510-4461
Hmedon: 4682-8527-6387
Tim: 3394-3606-6884
Mitchell: 0044-2876-7521
Angie:  5284-1474-6305
Wolf:  2191-7677-6164
Kyle: 1246-8799-5758
Jaden: 2535-3698-0053
Crodd: 0602-6342-7942
Snake: 1547-5230-4811
Chuckie: 1891-1174-6682
Jhouvanny: 0473-7857-2546
D’Nealson: 0645-5895-7322
Danny MCL: 5284-1545-2485
Cody Bekken: 0989-1852-5179
Karin: 0903-2921-0967
Mason: 4511-0626-1942

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  1. I’ll leave you mine when I can. It shipped today (Friday) and is in Ohio as of me writing this. I’ll probably have my hands on it Monday.

  2. Click on that for a full size image. If you scan that picture into your Mii Plaza then you’ll have the official Reggie Mii that was sent out to reviewers when they first received their 3DS. If you’ve got any that you’d like to add email them to me and I’ll add them here as well as friend codes.

  3. “These are the three people I know who’ve said that they’ll be picking up systems on launch day.”
    I’m on the fence! LOL, I pre-ordered mine on December 27, and now I’m debating on canceling, or keeping, it.
    We’ll find out tomorrow I guess….

  4. I’ve added everyone to my list. It’s nice to see the community building up like this. Now if only we could talk to each other on the 3DS. [=^)

    Anyone out there picked up Street Fighter and would be interested in getting together online sometime soon?

    • We’re going to be going all out on the podcast this week talking about the 3DS with our special guest Gaz Plant so make sure you all check out next Monday’s episode of the Nintendo Okie Podcast.

    • QR codes are things that you can create when you make your Mii. There’s an option in the Mii Maker that will let you create them for each of your Mii’s. You can then save the QR code to an SD card and upload it to your computer. anyone that scans your QR code will have your Mii downloaded to their system. You can scan the two QR codes we have in this comment thread and you’ll get Gaz’s Mii and Reggie’s Mii added to your Mii Maker Channel.

  5. Hi, I’m from Northeastern Oklahoma.

    name: BILLY
    code: 0602-6269-7050

    currently playing SF:IV 3D edition online

  6. BILLY :Hi, I’m from Northeastern Oklahoma.
    name: BILLYcode: 0602-6269-7050
    currently playing SF:IV 3D edition online

    If anyone wants to register my 3DS friend code be sure to inform me so I can also register you as a friend.

    • Hey Billy,

      We’ll definitely have to get online and do some Street Fighter battling. I’ve really been enjoying it so far. I haven’t played Street Fighter very much since 2, but I really like this. It’s a great version of the game.

      You might want to add Keith for sure. I know he plays Street Fighter and he’ll give you a run for your money. We had some pretty good matches the other night.

      • Thanks for the reply Tony. I’ll be registering you as a friend on my 3DS today. What is Keith’s friend code? I’ll register him as a friend too.


  7. hey ryan and kieth add me and some other people:FC:1848-1671-7218: if anyone else wants to add me tell me on this web site

  8. and also i was about to get street fighter from gamestop but it was only on display so instead i got super monkey ball3D

  9. srry i almost forgot about this site but i didnt im just telling people now that i have SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 so anyone like to go (the people i use are dee jay and ryu)

    • Yo snake i’m 13 to so can you add me. when you have let me know so i can add you back its kind of late right now.

  10. ok… i dont want a card given to me just right i down here oh and i tried to add niina but she/he did not write my friendcode back so.. AND im from AMERICA so and our 3ds system update was june 6th so, im on this site by using my internet browser on my 3ds

  11. ok… i dont want a card given to me just right i down here oh and i tried to add niina but she/he did not write my friendcode back so.. AND im from AMERICA so and our 3ds system update was june 6th so, im on this site by using my internet browser on my 3ds im typing this again cuz i messed up my e-mail

  12. ok so ive added pretty much any 1 I can so yeah add me 528414746305 please ★_☆ •_• ^_^ *_*

  13. heyy i ve added as much people as i can so yeah add me just tell me so i can add yuh back so yup thts all add me :[] name : Angie FC : 5284 1474 6305 ¶_¶ ?_¿ @_@ ¥_¥ º_º ª_ª *_* ~_~ &_& #_# =_= >_< ¤_¤ §_§ !_! +_- ●_● µ_µ ♪_♪ ˇ_ˇ ∞_∞ …_… ♀_♂ ♀+♂= ❤

  14. resident-evil mercenaries super monkey-ball 3d SSF4 got boring
    pirates of the caribbean pokemon white/black and others and ill add kyle.Kyle add me back too ok?

  15. Wolf and Artix you have both been added by me. I am pretty sure I have added everyone else as well so can you all add me please.

  16. This is not related to friend codes but if you own a 3ds before August 12 you get 20 free games.

  17. hey cosmo ive added you. my freind code is 4511-0626-1942. add me please. oh and tony ive included my freind code in this message could you add me in the text please

    • Sure karin by the way tony and atrix check this page so don’t forget to check it out occasionally. I also like your mii even though i think its staring into my soul. 🙂

  18. thanks karin. could you tell your freinds my freind code and to add me. my only freinds are you and wolf. oh this message is for u to wolf. tell people to add me. thanks so much. stay cool -mason. oh and let me know when your freinds have added me so i can add them.

    • ok i will but one problem i only have wolf and u so i will try to ask people on this site to be firends with u on the 3ds tomorrow okay

  19. hey guys. i just wanted to let you know that im online every day. here is my schedule. mornings and after school. you can just check my profile whenever you want though. cuz i leave my 3ds in sleep mode while its charging. and also im going to spread the word about this website and you guys should do the same. thanks

  20. me too im online every day and im going make a fan page on facebook and make a great reveiw and add me and mason rigth above me thanks

  21. Sorry guys i usually check this site each day and i’m going to tell my friends (i know personally) about this site a couple of them have 3ds so they should be on 🙂
    P.s. i usually check this site with my 3ds so i won’t always be on sorry.

  22. Hey guys *yawn* i won’t have a fixed schedule during school cause i’m going into the 8th grade and i might not get on a lot because of homework. 😦
    This is a shout out to mason you should definitely get dead or alive because it has multi platforms so you can kick people of the edge. street fighter 4 dose not have that (i think)

  23. Hey tony why did you not add me, mason, and shadow to the list at the top. please add us so we can be added.

  24. come on tony put[me shadow] mason and wolf on the main list please we only have a few firends and i just got this 3ds four days ago

  25. thanks so much tony. your the best. but you forgot to add me as a freind. please add me. not to be rude or anything. oh and anyone who adds me let me know because ill add you back in a heartbeat. thanks

  26. hey tony! i no i need to chill but can u please add me as a freind. you no my freind code so why dont you just add me. iv added you already so add me back. sorry for being a jerk.

  27. Hey guys i’m deleting everybody who i added but didin’t add me back so if you want to be friends you will have to tell me or we won’t be friends.

  28. tony!! i know you check this thing everyday. i know you have my freind code. why havent you added me yet!? im tired of having blank spots between all of my friends!! im deleting everyone who hasnt added me back yet. ill keep you though because you check this site everyday and i dont think that the other people that i added do. so can you just add me please. im tired of coming home from school everyday hoping ive got a new friend just to see eight more blank spots between the only 2 freinds online i have. sorry……..add me back

  29. yeah. it sucks. i started 7th grade this year on the last weak of july. the rest of my family doesnt start till the middle of august. sorry for my last post.:(

  30. uuuuhhhh. tony. im sorry for that long post. i was a big jerk and should not have done that. i mean, thanks to you i have my first online freinds. lets just start over. ill talk to you online tommorow. thanks for adding me -mason 😉

  31. Hey guys can you please spread the word about this site i’d like to reach 10 friends(2 more to go). also Mason i don’t start ontil early september. 🙂 😮 😉

  32. This is a shout out to angie, Jaden, Mrg, and the rest could u post now and then (you don’t HAVE to add us but it would be nice) that way when people see this site they don’t think that it is just Tony, Atrix, Mason, Karin and me. This way there more likely to post and check back again.
    p.s sorry if i’m being pushy.

  33. I thought karin (or shadow whatever) was going to make a facebook fan page. theres nobody visiting this page anymore. ;(

  34. mason is right i mean me mason wolf and tony are the only ones wiring on this site.this site is turning into a chat blog. anyways i going find a new site too

  35. ill stay at this site for a few weeks or so to see if any face book members start to see the facebook page and begin to post

  36. hey spike. could you add me. my freind code is 4511-0626-1942 its also in the text at the top of the page. ill add you as soon as you post your friend code. 😉

  37. the message above was not from me it was my older cousin who got ahold of my 3ds. anything that popped up on this site or in my status messages had nothing to do with me. sorry. anyway. SPIKE!! heres some advice. the only people who check this site are me, tony, wolf, karin, and maybey artix. anyone not listed here does not check this site and will not add you back if you add them. so if i were you only add the people listed here to get friends. ;D

  38. thats alright karin. my friends from school might be on this site soon. i told them about it. also i wont be finding a new site. ill be staying on this one. 😀

  39. Yeah guys i’m alright, thanks for the concern. only reason i didin’t post was my internet was down. also guys if someone (like spike) dosen’t post their fc it probaly means that A: they don’t have a 3ds yet. Or B: their fake. i’m not saying you are spike but its kind of suspicious.

  40. i think if were just all patient more members will start coming to this site. i mean now that we have a fanpage on facebook. this is actually the best friend code exchange site ive been on. mainly because all the other ones require a membership. this one you just come on give a name and email and your ready to start posting. so if we spread the word and stay loyal to this site it should be fine. oh WOLF! ill be getting dead or alive demensions some time next week. ooooohhhh yyyeeeaaahh!

  41. uuuuhhhh. id love to have a match with you karin. but theres just one problem. i dont have ssf4. sorry. but ill try to get it. is it a good game?

  42. uhhh… yeah i got dead or alive and i only wanted 1 fighting game so sorry karin but at least mason might get it.

  43. hey karin. i think im going to get dead or alive dimensions first. but ill look at reveiws and see if i should get super street fighter 4 after that. 🙂

  44. oh. well. um. i guess we will just have 2 get luky for a new member 2 come to this site. im still realy pissed about spike. bit we cant be sure hes a fake yet. well. if he hasnt made a post by next month. hes a fake. :\

  45. are you kidding?!? its been long enough. besides no one just says they will post there fc soon. at most a couple of days. i bet ten bucks he is fake.
    p.s thanks for helping me reach my goal of 10 friends :happy:

  46. ok. so ill add the people that you listed. ill make a post and could you tell them to add me back just incase they dont check the post. thanks so much wolf. 🙂

  47. yo guys im new to this site and i really need some friends ive only got 1 my brother so can wolf and mason please add me thanks i owe u heres my code 4468-1173-3153 my username is cool dude with a space no capitals ill ad you as well im online normally 4-6 then 9-1bye

  48. yo ive added wolf cosmo tony and mason can you all please add me back thanks i really want to chat to someone other than my brother we can have sum matches too by the way im 11 nearly 12 thanks bye

  49. hi im annoying orange my friend code is 2535 4529 6713 pleas add me and add your friend code

  50. Are you sure you entered the right code? try 2277-6193-8902. If it is still not working, tell me. I am a 3ds wixx6

  51. i don’t regret it i didn’t delete u i kept u cuz ur still my friend would a rude person do that?

    • Im Stravinsky 2578-3518-0702, my bro is Hi-Jack 4682-9129-8693,, we have street fighter, mario kart 7, kid icarus, and SwapNote.

    • add me please, Im Stravinsky 2578-3518-0702, my bro is Hi-Jack 4682-9129-8693,, we have street fighter, mario kart 7, kid icarus, and SwapNote.

    • Im Stravinsky 2578-3518-0702, my bro is Hi-Jack 4682-9129-8693,, we have street fighter, mario kart 7, kid icarus, and SwapNote.

  52. Everyone Please Add Me!!!
    My Friend Code Is 2191-8338-2684!!!
    My Mk7 Community Code Is 70-2313-0961-2815
    I Have Mk7, Pilotwings Resort, Nintendogs & Cats & Im Going 2 Get Kid Icarus: Uprising!

  53. Hey everyone. I’m going to be closing this thread. If you want to continue the discussion (with no name calling) then you can move it over to the forums