Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 61

Funny story, if I have a cruddy webcam plugged into my computer, Audacity will record the sound it picks up and not the mics that we normally use. Such is the case this week. I am really ticked off about it too. It is a good show. It is the first time we have ever had Gaz on and we talked a lot about the 3DS. Personally, I can’t stand to listen since the audio quality is so bad. I tried to clean it up but it just sounds like we are ten feet from the mic. My apologies to everyone. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a webcam to smash into a million pieces.

Starring – Tony, Gaz, Shelby (and a stupid webcam)
Run time – 1:30:05

We got a Twitter, a Facebook, a forum, and a YouTube channel.


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