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Tony’s Time: Nintendo Leads Revolutions

Alrighty everyone. We now know that the Wii will be getting a successor in the console race sometime in 2012. We know it’s going to have some weird thing that gives it that Nintendo touch. It’s probably going to be brilliant and people will line up to tear it down. The internet has been doing that for a long time now. Nintendo’s finished. They need something new to bring them back. Well, they’ve done it, twice now with the DS and then the Wii.

It seems Nintendo just can’t win when it comes to making people happy. It seems like that people have been claiming Nintendo needs something new. It’s been happening almost since the day that the Wii came out. What were they thinking releasing a console that didn’t use high definition graphics? At the time the Wii came out they didn’t think that they were necessary. For the most part they were right, but HD adoption has grown and you can’t go out and buy a new TV that doesn’t display in 720p.

Nintendo has been saying for years now that it’s not just about HD graphics and that won’t be the only thing that makes them move on to the next generation. We’ve been flooded over the last couple of weeks with talk of a new Nintendo system. Nintendo has now confirmed that they are bringing out something new and it will have HD graphics. The one big thing the internet has been screaming for is what Nintendo is giving them. Is the internet happy? Not at all.

What do we know about the next Nintendo home console? In reality, nothing. Some of the speculating is very exciting, though. Something that’s on par, or possibly even considerably more powerful than the 360? I’ll take it. I think that’s exactly what Nintendo needs to do. There will be no reason for publishers to bring those “next gen” experiences to Nintendo. Devs have been saying that it’s too cost prohibitive to bring games to Nintendo because the system was so different to what they could do with the Xbox and the Playstation. Well now, that excuse almost doesn’t exist.

That’s it? That’s all we’re going to get with a new Nintendo console? Not in the slightest. We don’t really have any confirmation as to what’s going on, but the big rumor is that Nintendo, once again, is revolutionizing control interface. This time we’re going to get a touch screen on the controller. That’s not anything new for Nintendo, though. They gave us a touch screen back in 2004 when we didn’t think we needed one. Now the DS is here to stay and it’s the leader in handheld gaming.

Nintendo is not forgoing motion control. The rumors say that the next system will be backwards compatible with the Wii, with the new controller maybe even doubling as a sensor bar. They’re also rumored to be ditching the wand shape of the controller in favor of something more traditional with 8 buttons, analog sticks and a d-pad. Nintendo, being Nintendo, doesn’t like to conform to what everyone else is doing so they’re taking that philosophy and bringing the DS to the home. The new controller is rumored to have a touch screen on the controller and even the ability to stream games to the controller.

This opens up the possibility of so many things. The first is the ability to give players information in multi-player games that only they can see. You can use it to set traps for other players that they won’t see. You can use it to call plays in multi-player sports games. There are so many things like this that it could be used for to make single system multi-player feel like you’re not in the same room with the other players. That makes tactical decisions much more important than ever before.

Streaming games to the controller? I’ll take it. Say my kids are watching a show on Netflix with the new system, but I really want to play something that I’ve just downloaded. Well, if the rumors are true then I’ll be able to stream the game to my controller and treat it like a mini-handheld system. The console needs to stay on and you need to stay in range of the system, but I’ll be able to play a game while the TV is being used.

Nintendo doesn’t like to do things the same as other companies. That’s the reason that we love them. That’s the reason they’ve been around longer than any other console maker. Many competitors have come and gone, but Nintendo has stuck around, even through years of beatings. They create new innovations in control mechanisms that other companies like to copy. They’re usually first in these new ideas and many times we don’t even know we want them. People can say Nintendo will fail, but results speak differently. Nintendo create the innovations that others build upon.

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  1. I’ve been sifting through all the “information” slowly but surely.
    While I’m glad Nintendo “confirmed” it, they didn’t really confirm anything else…but it now seems a lot of the larger sites are going to be proven right with many of their “rumors” in regards to the system.

    I wouldn’t say that Nintendo is the only one leading a revolution in the game industry, as I really think Microsoft is the company that helped make online aspects in consoles what they are(or aren’t with Nintendo’s), whether that’s a good or not, I guess we will find out soon enough how serious Nintendo is in regards to their online services, and what they offer.

    • I absolutely agree and I’m glad to see Nintendo beginning to take some of those cues that we saw with Xbox Live and bringing them over to their systems. The 3DS online system, while it still has some ways to go, was a step in the right direction. A small step, but still it’s going where fans want it to go.

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