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Mario gets 2 new names

With Kirby Returns to Dreamland recently titled, Nintendo are filling in the rest of their holiday season of games with actual names. Today we’ve got official names for both Mario Kart 3DS and Super Mario 3D.

Mario Kart 3DS now becomes Mario Kart 7 while Super Mario 3D is now Super Mario 3D Land. The reasoning behind the titles haven’t been revealed exactly, but the Mario Kart name stems from the fact that it is seventh game in the series, and Super Mario 3D Land seems to come from the Super Mario Land series. Does this mean we’re going to see a  return of Daisy? We’ll find out soon. Nintendo also revealed that in Japan and America, Mario Kart 7 would arrive in December, with Super Mario 3D Land hitting shelves in November. No details were provided for Europe or Australia at the time.

I’ll be going hands-on with these games in a little over a month, so keep an eye out for an in-depth look at the two big 3DS titles this Christmas later in the year.

Do you like the new names? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The Super Mario 3D Land name I like, it sounds a bit odd to say the 3D before land, but I like it. It ties the game to the franchise pretty well, especially the handheld releases.

    Mario Kart I’m not as big on. It seems kinda lazy. It’s the first game in the franchise to get a number. It’s easy to say, but just seems a bit lazy to me.

  2. I’m assuming that part of the reason on MK7 was that 7 holds some sort of significance in Japanese culture. But to be honest, I would have preferred MK3DS, it just fits with the traditional naming convention (except Double Dash! of course)

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