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EA Sports Announces a New Street Soccer Game

EA Sports is pretty much the top dog in the world of sports video games. FIFA is the biggest name in soccer and together they’ve built a really solid soccer franchise for fans of the sport. Now they’re expanding that franchise a little bit more.

The company announced the next game in their sports franchise that will bring the sport of soccer to the streets. FIFA Street , developed by the fine folks at EA Canada will bring you the same quality and depth of the FIFA franchise, with a twist.

The team is boasting more precision and play styles than you’ve ever seen before in a FIFA game. There will be 35 different real world locations to play at, and many of the most popular stars and teams will be represented. Different styles of play, such as 1v1 street battles in parking lots, all the way to 5v5 tournaments in the streets of London. In addition there will numerous modes and online features to try out.

FIFA Street will also make use of the EA Sports Football Club so for anyone that’s been using the feature in FIFA games already will be able to contribute to their online identity. Players who have purchased EA Sports Season Ticket will be able to get their hands on the game three days before its launch in early 2012. FIFA Street will be coming to the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

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