GameCube 10th Anniversary: Fun Facts

Tony had a great idea to come up with a list of facts about the GameCube. We figured it would be the perfect way to round out our celebration of Nintendo’s fourth console. Below is the fruits of all our Googling and calculator work. See if you can guess which facts are Tony’s and which are mine. Thanks to everyone for reading our GameCube Week posts. A big thanks to all that sent in their GameCube memories to share with the world. We had a blast this week and we hope y’all enjoyed it as well. Next week things will return to normal around here but I’m sure we will have another week long blow out before too long. Enough delay, on to the facts!

  • The GameCube’s dimensions are 4.25” x 5.875” x 6.25” so it’s not actually a cube since its dimensions are not uniform for height, width and length. It’s actually closer to being a cube with the Game Boy Player attached at 5.375”x 5.875” x 6.25”.
  • If you stretched all of the GameCubes sold worldwide from front to back they would stretch 2,161.5 miles. That’s almost the distance from New York City to Las Vegas, Nevada. (21.74 million units)

  • It would take 1,629.4 trillion GameCubes to fill the Grand Canyon.
  • It would take 18,432 GameCubes to cover a basketball court, but you would have to remove the handles first.
  • Since it is less dense than water, a GameCube would float if it were airtight.
  • Never released outside of Japan, the Panasonic Q was a special GameCube that had a built in DVD player. It came with a grey GameCube controller and it required a special Game Boy Player due to the different shape of its legs.
  • The electricity to run your GameCube for an entire year would cost approximately $20 (USD).
  • Every GameCube and official peripheral for the system have model numbers that begin with the letters DOL. This is because during the system’s development is was known by the codename Dolphin.
  • The GameCube Broadband Adapter only enabled four games to be played online, three of which were Phantasy Star.
  • The last official GameCube game released in Japan was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. In North America that honor went to Madden NFL ’08.
  • The storage size of the Blu-ray, box set of Star Wars: The Complete Saga is equivalent to 322 GameCube disks.
  • The best selling game on the system was Super Smash Bros. Melee, which sold more than 7.1 million copies worldwide.
  • The GameCube was capable of displaying in stereoscopic 3D. Despite this it was only used during the development of one title (Luigi’s Mansion) and was never made an official feature of the system.
  • If you wanted to save episode 91 of the Nintendo Okie Podcast to GameCube memory cards, you would need either 188 grey cards, 47 black cards or 12 white cards.
  • Out of the top 25 best selling games for the GameCube, 19 of them were published by Nintendo.
  • There have been ten different colors of GameCubes. Several were limited to certain regions; typically Japan.
  1. Platinum (silver)
  2. Indigo (purple)
  3. Spice (orange)
  4. Jet Black
  5. Starlight Gold (Japan only)
  6. Crystal White/Pearl White (bundled with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles in Japan/Mario Smash Football in the UK)
  7. Mint Green (bundled with Tales Of Symphonia, Japan only)
  8. Red (Japan Gundam bundle)
  9. White with pinstripes (Hanshin Tigers, Japan only)
  10. The Panasonic Q was silver (a different shade than Platinum).
  11. There was also a Metal Gear Solid:The Twin Snakes Platinum with a special logo (Japan only)

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  1. Someone on another forum asked about how far all of the Wii’s sold would stretch. Well, I figured it up. I calculated the length that Wii’s would stretch from front to back. If you lined all of the Wii’s sold as of October 1st (88.3 million) they would stretch 11,817 miles. That’s almost the distance between New York City and Sydney, Australia (12,052 miles).

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