Bejeweled 3 Review (DS)

PopCap is the master of addictive games. With all their games they follow the structure of ‘simple to play, hard to master.’ I imagine everyone has heard of Bejeweled by this point as it has been sold millions of times on pretty much every platform. Back once again to prove match three is all you need, PopCap has released Bejeweled 3.

What You Need To Know
It’s a match three game. That isn’t so much what you need to know as it is something you already know. As match three goes, the more gems you match the higher score you earn. Since this is on DS, you can use both the stylus and the d-pad to move gems around. The game will also give you hints on demand when you can’t find any matches on screen. While it is a simple match three game, it’s well made and gives you a good amount of options to customize your experience.

Fun Variations
PopCap is really good about justifying every release/re-release of their games by giving them new modes or by bundling in other games. Bejeweled 3 comes with several variations on the simple match three formula. Such modes include a poker game where the matches you make are assigned to cards which you then have to make a poker hand from. As you can imagine, a full house is worth more than two pair. Another mode has you matching gems towards the bottom of the screen to break away dirt thus retrieving gold nuggets. Zen mode is an endless game which continuously gives you at least one move to make while playing ambient sounds. It is both relaxing and hypnotizing. On top of the seven other modes is Quest mode which gives you challenges to complete; clear 120 gems in 20 moves, score 2500 points with ten poker hands, etc.

Worst Value Of All Versions
While Bejeweled 3 has several twists to interest you beyond just matching three gems of the same color, the DS version is inferior to all other versions for its price. Bejeweled 3 for DS retails for $20 (USD). While the 360, PC, Mac and PS3 versions all cost the same, these versions all carry better visual quality while the 360 and PS3 versions both come bundled with extra games. For 360 there is a separate XBLA version which isn’t bundled with any extra games but it does cost five bucks less. Even less expensive are the iPad and iPhone versions for 99 cents. To be fair the iOS versions have half as many modes as any other platforms.

If match three is your thing, there isn’t a better place to be than Bejeweled 3. However, the DS version is probably not the version you should invest in. For the same amount of cash you can get a better value on several other platforms. For a far lesser price you can get a portable version that may be all the Bejeweled you need. Bejeweled 3 is a fine game but I can only recommend the DS version to those with no other means to play it.

Final score –
Play time – 5 hours
Played each of the eight different modes
Review copy provided by PopCap Games

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    • Thanks for the compliment. I wouldn’t say the 3DS IS a problem but I do think it HAS problems; lack of games (which is getting better), a public disdain for 3D and the ever impending redesigned model. Nintendo is doing far better with the 3DS than they were a few months ago but it still has some mighty-big shoes to fill.

      • You’re welcome. I do think it does have some problems, but there not that big for me. The 3D is cool idea, It has some great games ( I’m really enjoying WWE All-Stars, and I’ll probably get Super Mario 3D land for Cristmas), and to all those who think 3D gameing is a bad idea, YOU CAN TURN THE 3D OFF!

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