The Master Sword Through the Years

A friend of mine sent me this picture last night and I thought it was kinda cool.  It shows the design of the Master Sword in all of the most recent 3D Zelda games.  I knew the sword had the same basic design, but I didn’t realize all the little subtle differences about it over the years.  It’s just a neat comparison photo.  I find the Wind Waker sword quite comical in its size.  It looks like the Hobbit version of the sword.


7 thoughts on “The Master Sword Through the Years”

  1. well the Windwaker sword makes sense, there are certain theories that state the master sword chooses who weilds it and can adapt for them. Since it chose a child to be able to weild it, it had to adapt it’s size to be used

    1. He is not a child. Toon Link is actually the same age as most of the other Links, but EVERYTHING is small in Wind Waker, being a Toon game.

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