Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Not Making the Stop on Wii

Electronic Arts sent out a press release today about the newest game in the Tiger Woods franchise, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.  While I was reading through the press release I noticed a strange lack of any information about the Wii version of the game, which seemed odd because of the success the game seemed to have on Nintendo’s platforms over the last few years.  It mentioned motion implementation for Kinect and Move, but nothing about Wii.

I reached out to EA about that and was given the following response from Katherine Coulthart, the Communications manager at EA Sports:

There is no Wii version planned for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 or Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13: The Masters Collector’s Edition.  We decided to focus on the HD platforms and take advantage of the robust online communities of Xbox and Sony PS3 given the new online and social features in this year’s game.  There have been significant strides in motion gaming through the release of Kinect and PlayStation Move and we believe fans will enjoy the true-to-life golf swing created by these peripherals.

With the Wii on it’s way out this year I also asked if there might be some news about a Wii U version of the game that would come later and was told:

We do not have any information to release at this time regarding the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise and Wii U.

I’ve enjoyed the Wii editions of the game over the last few years, but I, as well as other Wii owners, will have to look elsewhere to get a golf fix this year.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the Wii installments of the Tiger Woods series since ’09, so this is disappointing. I don’t care for Kinect at all, and Move doesn’t work as well as I imagined it would.

  2. I too have been looking for news of TW PGA Tour ’13 for the Wii. Why is it that the only system to require that a player develop an actual golf swing is not supported by Electronic Arts. HD is not yet the video standard, especially for game play. The realism of play, the demand for concentration, and the friendly and natural interface are perfect for golf in a way that no other system supports. I’m really surprised that the TW franchise is not getting involved in what seems to have been a very one-sided decision.

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