Activision Responds to Skylanders Shortages, Registers Domains

Do you want to know just how popular the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure game is? Well, retailers haven’t been able to keep the figures in stock and customers aren’t very happy about it. No matter where you go the shelves where the figures are supposed to be are getting more and more barren.

In fact, I was out shopping with my wife this weekend at a Target here in Tulsa and saw a display of figures for the game and they had a very limited selection. Only two or three of a couple of the different characters. The shelves were pretty empty.

Activision’s VP of Marketing John Coyne responded to the shortages today:

“We are doing our best to keep up with the consumer demand for Skylanders and to keep product on the shelves. Skylanders was one of the most popular gifts this holiday season and demand for toys has continued to rise week after week without any signs of slowing down. We’re shipping Skylanders toys out as soon as they come off the production lines and will get them to stores as quickly as we can.”

So the figures are coming you’re just going to have to be patient and maybe shop around a little bit. It helps that the game is apparently pretty darn good and people everywhere are enjoying it. I’d hop into the game myself and I think my son would love it, but you can’t find the figures to play it.

On a related note Activision has also been found to be registering a large number of domain names that all relate to something called Skylanders Giants. It appears that the company is gearing up for a sequel or an expansion of some sort.

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  1. I’ll never buy another ActiVision game because of this shortage….I swear I won’t . Like you I’m sick of going to every store (and I mean EVERY store) only to find empty shelves. They can now stick Skylanders somewhere dark and smelly for all I care.

    • We have been fortunate my kids have about 20 of the 30. I can find the common ones here in MA flameslinger, drobot, Prisim break and VooDood but we had them by christmas. We have been searching for the adventure packs as all my jids have beat chaos on multiple occassions. They are getting bored and without new spaces or charictures theres no reason to play. My husband helped them create a dice game with the characters to keep them interested till we can find more. I beklieve we will all be stuck hunting till September when giants come out then thre stores will be flooded with the first version. Also Best buy is a great place to look there display is hidden so they tend to have more then others.

  2. I have no problem paying for the game or the characters, but in 2012 when China can turn out millions of everything else what is the holdup with the Skylanders characters. What China no plastic. Give me a break. It is a false shortage and one that was well planned.
    I will still buy the characters because 5 and 6 year olds don’t understand this crap so get the lead out never mind the coy marketing and allow people to spend their retirement money to keep their granchildren happy! GET THE TOYS ON THE SHELF !

  3. I also think this is a false shortage. I will not by another Activision game again, my son is very upset that he can’t try the new character and I think he is already getting tired of waiting because he is switching to other games. They are releasing the characters in limited numbers to Walmarts but this is not enough.

    • Im not sure how much of this was Activision not banking on the game being the breakout hit that it was and how much is false shortage. I have no doubt that Activision loves the fact that people are talking about how they cant get the figures, but I also think they have to realize how bad it is that people cant get the figures. What they need to do is come out and say that there will be a short period of time where you wont be able to get new figures, but give a firm date of when more will be in the stores.

      My advice until then is to just call around. Ive seen a few in Wal-Marts and Gamestops around Tulsa, but never in large quantities. There have only been a scattered few, but I see them each time I go into the stores. Ive been making it a bit of a habit to check on Skylanders stocks. I want to check out the game, but I havent had the cash to pick up the game, much less a lot of the figures at this point.

      Hopefully when Giants comes out theyll be on top of the amount of figures available and you wont have large periods of time where you cant get them.

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