Nintendo Says No To Isaac

Team Meat was trying to get their most recent release, The Binding of Isaac certified to be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.  According to the Twitter account of the indie developer Nintendo has decided to pass on the game.

Attention: After a long internal debate Nintendo has decided NOT to allow the Binding of Isaac on the 3ds. 😦 As many assumed the reasons were due to the games “questionable religious content”. Thank GOD Steam exists!

I’m not sure what to think about this one.  We know in the past, during the NES days that Nintendo would censor a lot of religious content that they thought people might find objectionable.  It seemed like that might have loosened up over the years, though they still do have some strange practices over box art.

I’m all for engaging in intelligent debate over religious issues and, while there were some religious themes in the Binding of Isaac, based on the little I saw it was only loosely based on the subject matter of Isaac in the Bible.  I would have been interested in playing the game to see how it presented that material, especially if the game was good.     I don’t like the fact that Nintendo still has these practices in place because I think it imposes somewhat on the developers and their messages, whatever they may be.


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    • “Adults-Only” content? Wow. I don’t remember the last time a game had that content… Well, I don’t have any intrest in this BIZZARE looking game anyway… What was the last game to get a “A-O” rating?

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