EA pull big titles from GAME stores

GAME’s financial problems have taken perhaps it’s biggest hit yet, with the retail giant confirming that no EA titles will be stocked throughout March, including Mass Effect 3.

The news comes off the back of weeks of trouble for the UK based retailer, which recently lost it’s ability to buy in new stock on credit. The company has since been dealing with publishers on a ‘company-by-company’ basis, resulting in them not stocking big titles such as The Last Story, Tekken 3D and the entirety of Ubisoft’s PSVita launch line-up. Just yesterday the retailer also confirmed that Nintendo will not be providing them with any Mario Party 9 stock.

In a statement released today, GAME Group confirmed that EA will not be providing them any new titles this month, beyond the release of SSX, and as a result have stopped taking pre-orders on future titles such as FIFA Street. The retailer, which had an exclusive deal to release the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3, have confirmed that anyone who pre-ordered any version of the game will get their deposit back, alongside £5 worth of store credit.

The news will no doubt continue rumours that the chain is heading to bankruptcy, and with it will go the only dedicated game retailer on UK high streets. Despite this, GAME are assuring staff that this situation is only a short-term problem, but whether this is true or just corporate propaganda remains to be seen.

For more information on the current crisis surrounding GAME, listen to the latest podcast where we discuss the situation in full.

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