Please Make More of This

We’re just a couple of weeks away from Kid Icarus: Uprising hitting stores and I can’t wait to get my  hands on that game.  I’m really looking forward to it.  To get people ready for that release Nintendo is planning a number of Kid Icarus inspired animation that will debut on Nintendo Video.  The first of those videos hit the service today with Kid Icarus: Thanatos Rising – Part 1.  This CG animated short is done by Production IG.  They’ve worked with Nintendo in the past on things like Professor Layton and Wario Land: Shake It for Wii.

Before the movie starts you get a big warning, “This video was created exclusively for your enjoyment and is not representative of the visuals or content found within the Kid Icarus games.”

What I can say is that it looks really, really impressive.  The visuals, while they may not be representative of the game, sure look a lot like what will be featured in that title.  You get to see some good shots of Pit in action; running and jumping around shooting a gun.  The enemies are done really well and there are giant Trojan horses with 50 foot tall legs.  I’m not sure how they’re walking, but they are.

The voice work is alright.  Pit and Palutena sound like they will in the game.  Thanatos sounds a bit like the Mad Hatter got into the helium a little bit.   Ironically, his voice actor (Danny Mann) did the voice of Icarus in an animated Little Nemo movie back in 1989.

All I can say is, when can I buy this from the eShop so that I can have it on my 3DS wherever I go?  Oh, and when will we get a full season of this as a TV show?  Sign me up right now.

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