Game Announcement

Renegade Kid’s New Game Stars a Monkey

Mutant Mudds is one of the most recent games on the eShop and was developed by Renegade Kid.  I found it a decent game, but I had some problems with it.  Other people around the internet absolutely fell in love with the game.  The company has now already announced their next game that will be coming to the eShop and it stars a monkey.

The game is called Bomb Monkey.  Based on the one image of the game, and the lack of details confirmed we can assume that it’s a puzzle game where a monkey drops bombs to potentially remove blocks from play.   If you want to see the monkey in action you can check out the game’s official web page, but there’s nothing there at the moment except this picture.

If this is a match 3 game I’m probably not going to be too keen on it, but there are some puzzle games that I do like.  We’ll pass along any more information we get as it comes in.

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