Zen Studios Announcement Coming, Happy With eShop Sales

Word came out this week that Zen Studios has a big announcement coming up sometime this week.  I was curious to find out what it is so I talked with Mel Kirk this week about what it might be.  He wouldn’t comment any further than to say that they have something exciting coming for the future of the Marvel Pinball series.  Could it be new character themed tables?  A release date for the 3DS eShop version of the game?  Or something else entirely?  We’ll find out on Friday.

I also asked about their reaction to sales of Zen Pinball 3D for the eShop.   Of course he wouldn’t go into specific numbers, but said the company was very happy.  He also had something interesting to say about their future with Nintendo platforms.

 “We are VERY, VERY happy with how Zen Pinball has done on the eShop. We are happy to continue to support Nintendo with future product for both 3DS and the WiiU.”

What could they be working on for Wii U?  We know they have a new game coming out that doesn’t deal with pinball.  Could that rhythm game be making its way to Wii U?  I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see the Pinball FX or Zen Pinball franchise make the leap to Wii U.  Wel also know that there will be more tables for Zen Pinball 3D coming soon.  It’s nice to see these talented folks wanting to satisfy more Nintendo customers in the future.



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