Game Announcement

Epic Mickey 2 Confirmed

Well, next week came awfully fast as Epic Mickey 2 has been confirmed.  It will be coming to the Wii, PS3 and 360 this fall.  The game is a direct sequel to the first game and will see Mickey returning to the Wasteland.  Many of the areas you visited in the previous game will be revisited, but they’ve changed significantly due to an earthquake that has affected the world.

It will be a co-op adventure starring Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  Players will be able to drop in and drop out at will.  Mickey will still have the use of the magic paintbrush that will allow you to build and destroy different parts of the level.  This time around Oswald has a remote control that will allow you to control electricity.  The two will have to work together to solve puzzles.

According to Warren Spector the first game sold well with more than 1.3 million copies sold worldwide.  The biggest complaint that players had with the original game was the camera controls which just got in the way more often than they helped.  Mr. Spector says players need to fear this time around as they’ve been working on the camera for a long time.

“We’ve had a team working on the camera from literally the day we finished the first game. They’ll be working on it until the day we ship the second game. (There have been) over 1,000 specific changes made to the camera. Our goal is that you will not have to touch the manual camera controls even once to play through the main story path of this game.”

That’s good to hear and if the original game could have been patched it would have made that a fantastic game.  I’m looking forward to this one.  Are you?

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