Giveaway: Super Mario Land 2 (3DS eShop)

Shelby just bought a 3DS, but he’s not eligible for this giveaway.  During the podcast this week we announced that we were going to be holding a giveaway.  We have download code for a copy of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and we want to give you the game.  If you want to earn a chance to get that free code all you need to do is send us an email to or leave us a comment on this post.  You need to tell us what your favorite enemy in the Mario franchise is.  It can be any enemy from any game that stars Mario (or Luigi).  Entries need to be to us by 9:00 pm CST on Friday and we’ll randomly choose one name from everyone that enters.  The winner will be announced on next week’s podcast (Episode 111).

During the show I told you that my favorite enemy was Fawful.  Micah is a big fan of Ludwig von Koopa and Shelby likes taking the fight to Wiggler.  I wonder if that means he’ll give us Daisy as his Mario Kart character in Mario Kart 7 in favor of Wiggler.

The contest is open to anyone in North America, because I believe the download code will only work in this region.  Remember get your entries to us by 9:00 Friday night and listen to next week’s episode of the podcast.  We’ll be recording it from Micah’s arcade.

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  1. SHELBY bought a 3DS? YES! I get one point! My predictoin was correct!
    My faverite enemy is easily the humble Goomba. AKA, “The underling of underlings.” Poor little fellas.

  2. I love Boo’s. They are invincible unless it’s one of the recent Mario Galaxy Games, they can fly and turn invisible, but last but not least, they are ADORABLE. I think Boo’s are not only the cutest enemies in Mario, but are the cutest enemies in all of video games.

  3. My favourite enemy is BOWSER because he is a BIG challenge. I love challenges and a good game is a hard game, right? I bet everyone agrees! He’s also my favourite because when deafeat a goomba your like, EASY! But with BOWSER when you deafeat him it’s just like getting a gold medel for the millionth time! I hope you like my answer and may the best answer win!!!!

  4. umm… can i still post? My favorite enimey is……….green koopa, because its stupid and it falls of cliffs but it dances with the music!

  5. My favorite character (enemy) is the koopa troopa because who doesn’t want to hit goombas in a straight line to hear the 1up

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