Free Weekend

Why Do You Hate Me, April 1st?

I hate April 1st.  There’s always so much fake news that I want to be real.  The last couple years I have avoided all contact with the internet when the time has come.  Sadly, this means the pains come a day later and this year was no exception.  Over at Rockman Unity (think Capcpom-Unity except in Japan)  plans were announced for a three-part, J-pop group composed of girls from the Mega Man franchise; Roll from Classic Mega Man, Mayl from Battle Network, and Luna from Star Force.  There first album, titled Transmission Of Your Heart, is scheduled to come out December 17th, 20XX; a date amalgam that should be familiar to Mega Man fans.  The group’s first performance will be on the roof of the Capcpom offices where limited edition posters will be handed out.  This all hinges on reality and so it’s all made up.  How awesome would this be?!?!  RIGHT?!?!  Stupid Capcpom.  Stupid April 1st.  *grumble grumble*

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