Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! Review (eShop)

The World Minigolf Sport Federation considers Mini Golf a sport, so I’m chalking this one up as another sports review under my belt.  Luckily, Mini Golf is decidedly more fun than the majority of sports, as indicated by the amazing title, Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!  What other sports titles get that much excitement in the name alone?

What You Need to Know

After bringing Fun! Fun! Minigolf to WiiWare in 2008, Shin’en Multimedia brings 3D mini golf to the 3DS with Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!  In the game, you play as a customizable male or female character that travels to the United States, Europe, and Asia to compete in different cups.  As you progress, you’ll earn coins which buy extra in-game content such as trickshots, flight tickets to new countries, new golfing equipment, and even the ability to play as your Mii character.

Choose Your Swing

Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! allows you to choose between the touch screen or physical buttons.  Personally, I ended up playing with the circle pad and face buttons most often, but it’s nice to have the option for those that prefer the touchscreen controls. When using the physical buttons, you’ll have a fairly standard three-point putting system that allows you to aim, select your power, and then mark your accuracy by timing a moving dot over your ball.  To further help with accuracy, there’s an audible blipping sound that occurs as the accuracy dot moves over the center of your ball.  I usually ended up being more accurate just by listening to the sound! I also thought it was nice to hit B and return to your aiming or power adjustment.  As I was trying to master certain holes, this really helped me avoid those unnecessary accidental putts.

When using the touchscreen, you’ll drag to aim with the stylus, then you can pull back to increase the power of your shot.  As you hold the stylus back, you’ll carefully time the moving dot once it’s over the center of your ball.  I found that both methods worked very well, and I was consistently able to make the ball perform as planned.

The game’s camera is primarily mapped to the d-pad.  Left and right adjust your viewing angle, up adjusts your zoom level, and down will recenter your camera.  The R button switches to a camera-pan mode that lets you move the camera over the course.  The systems works well enough, but it would have been nice to have your character turn transparent in certain areas where an obstacle was in your path.

Less Content Than You Might Expect

Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! claims to include 81 holes across nine different environments, and while that technically holds true, it’s important to note there are really only three different environments with three different difficulty settings.  As previously mentioned, there’s a US, Europe, and Asia cup, and as you progress and earn coins you’ll unlock a Pro Cup and Super Cup version of these environments.  In these subsequent cups the holes are differentiated by mirrored layouts and additional obstacles in the way, but they’re not completely new holes.  After about three hours of playtime I was able to play the cups enough to unlock all the different courses in the game.  It’s also worth mentioning that, unlike the WiiWare version of Fun! Fun! Minigolf, there is no multiplayer or online ranking mode of any sort.

Labor of Love

It appears that Shin’en Multimedia went with a quality over quantity approach.  The in-game visuals and menus are clean and fun, the music is fitting but forgettable, and the crowd voiceover effects add a nice touch of encouragement as your ball approaches a hole.  The 3D effect in the game works well, but I don’t think it necessarily added to the gameplay experience at all.  I also couldn’t help but grin at how ridiculous my Mii looked when dancing around after scoring an eagle.


Let’s be completely clear: Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! is only $4.99 in the eShop, and there is a good amount of content and unlockables here to keep you entertained for at least a few hours.  For a portable system, it’s also nice the game works well in short spurts.  If you’re the type of player that wants to continue to improve your scores, I expect you’ll get some great replay value even after completing the main courses.  Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! is a polished and easy to pick up game, and I definitely think you’ll have a lot of Fun! Fun! playing it.

Final Score: 

Total play time: 3 hours
Review copy provided by Shin’en Multimedia

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