Is Pandora’s Tower Coming to North America?

There appears to be some evidence mounting that Nintendo will be localizing Pandora’s Tower for North America.  Will there be a three for three with the Operation Rainfall titles?  Xenoblade Chronicles is out, The Last Story is coming in June and now let’s see what’s going on with Pandora.

GameStop is showing a listing for the game in their computers.  Some of the stores have shown the listing has actually been there since August.  I called one of the stores here in Tulsa and the associate I spoke to found the game in their system.  Now, has a recorded conversation with what they say is a GameStop manager confirming they are going to begin taking pre-orders for the title on June 20th for a release later this year and that it will be a GameStop exclusive; much like Xenoblade Chronicles was.

If you want to listen to the audio you can find it here:  It sounds legit to me.  If this is true, I’m very excited about this news.

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