Rayman Legends Confirmed For Wii U, Shows Off Potential Features

The domain for Rayman Legends was recently acquired by Ubisoft pointing to a potential sequel to Rayman Origins. That’s nothing new in the video game world as people are always uncovering new domain registrations, many of which do hint at a game coming out in the future. Today, however, a trailer for said game leaked online and was very quickly pulled down from YouTube. It is still available other places around the net and it shows off some interesting things.

First, it confirms the game is going to be on Wii U as the trailer focused on that version of the game. It showed off the same four-player multi-player that was present in the previous game and a slightly updated visual style. The most interesting part of the trailer was that it seemed to confirm some of the features of the Wii U. One being that it appears the system will only support one Wii U tablet as only one person in the game was using the controller, but they were able to manipulate the environment in different ways. The second, it seems to confirm the near field communication feature of the system. Much like in Activision’s Skylanders players will be able to use figures in the game to activate enemies in the form of rabbids or refill their health with a heart figure. It also appears that Ezio, from Assassin’s Creed, will be in the game as one of the players is seen reaching for a figure of the stealthy character.

Ubisoft has since come out and said the trailer was only intended for internal purposes to show members of the team some ideas that could be implemented in the game. They went on to say it in no way confirms any of the features that were shown in the trailer, only that those ideas were possible. Two questions arise from this. Are you excited about another Rayman game and do these features make you more or less excited for Wii U?

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