New Digital Rewards Available For Club Nintendo

The digital rewards train continues for Club Nintendo members.  It’s a new month and that means new games available to redeem your coins on.  This month we get four new titles.

Art Style: Pictobits (150 Coins) (DSiWare)
Snowpack Park (150 Coins) (WiiWare)
3DS Classics: Urban Champion (150 Coins) (eShop)
Eco Shooter: Plant 350 (200 Coins) (WiiWare)

These new rewards should be available through May 31st when a new set will go up.  All you need to do is log into Club Nintendo and click on the picture of the game you want to redeem it.  It will give you a code that you can then put into either the WiiWare store or the 3DS eShop.  None of the rewards are available for DSiWare owners.

I think the Art Style game looks interesting and I might be willing to drop 150 coins on 3D Classics: Urban Champion.

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