This Image Got a Man Fired, Possibly Sued

The internet has been all ablaze over the last few days because of the image above. It apparently was an image leaked by a TT Games employee through his Twitter account. It shows what is rumored to be the redesigned Wii U Controller that Nintendo will be showing off next month at E3.

The picture shows the new analog sticks replacing the Circle Pads that were present on the device last year. Some of the buttons, like the + and – buttons being moved over to the right side of the screen and two mysterious squares on the face now. What these are is only speculation, but it’s rumored (and in no way confirmed) that the one by the Home button is to sync the controller and the one under the d-pad is the Near Field Communication area.  It also appears that the controller will charge using the same cable as the DSi and the 3DS.  Convenient that.

System Development Consultant Erlend Wollan confirmed today that the employee who leaked the image has been fired and there could be court action taken against him for breaking the NDA with Nintendo. Does the serious action taken against this employee confirm that this is the final design of the Wii U controller? I think it does, but that’s just my opinion.

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